don't get lost in spain
in the middle of the afternoon
with zero food
or sleep
and go on wrong hills
and backtrack
because it makes you tired
very tired
fact\but i'm sitting now
and that's quite nice
it's nice here
when you aren't lost


name: Caterina Wilder
age: 19
nicknames: Cat, never Caterina
birthday: 10.15.92
where from: Miami, Florida
job: Face character (Wendy) - [Backup - waitress somewhere in Adventureland]
school: Occidental

likes: Acting, the sky, dancing, adventures, blue, dogs
dislikes: Wigs, studying, when people are annoying, making friends
appearance: Usually has her hair up in a high ponytail when she’s not working. Wears minimal makeup but loves cat eye eyeliner. Has her ears double-pierced, but only wears earrings when she’s not at work
style: Easy, comfortable, whatever she digs up at thrift stores. Mostly dresses, and she prefers to be barefoot
relationships: Single, but thinks "Peter" is cute. And fun.
words that describe you: Determined, weird, different, fun, wild
life goals: To be remembered

bio: Cat Wilder grew up in a little house in Miami, where she lived until she was eighteen. Then, she got the heck away from it as fast as possible. It wasn’t exactly a happy life, but Cat doesn’t like to talk about it much. Instead, she prefers to focus on the present. Cat came to California to get away from her family after being accepted at Occidental. After yet another fight with her parents, Cat lost all funding and realized she’d have to get a job, which is where Disneyland came in. An aspiring actress, Cat thought she might as well give the face character auditions a shot, but she never thought she’d get in.
model: Kalia Prescott

you can introduce yourselves
and stuff
livin' out my disney dream
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