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1) always post rules
2) answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 more
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My Answers:
1.) If a stranger gives you a book and as you start reading it, you realize that it's a book that narrates your life. Would you read it till the end? 
Absolutely!! :D
2.) Do you cheat in exams?
No 0;)
3.) Do you get jealous easily? 
Embarrasing, but yes...
4.) Have you ever stolen something from a shop?
A catalog from Paper Source, but I was like, 9 or something, and thought it was free :/ Lol!
5.) Have you ever hitch-hiked? 
No, and I don't think I ever will..
6.) Are you a tidy person?
A bit, yes
7.) Are you shy or open?
It depends.. Sometimes I'm so quiet you won't know I'm there, other times, I'm so loud you wish I weren't there :P
8.) Are you the quiet-stay-at home type or the party type?
Quiet-stay-at-home (doing Polyvore) type ;D
9.) Would you rather have your bf/gf's friends get along with you or his or her parents get along with you? 
Parents..and friends!
10.) Would you rather go on holidays to the beach or the mountains? 
It depends on the weather/which holiday..
11.) Hot dogs or humburgers?
Hamburgers! :)

My questions:
1.) What color would you dye your hair if you got the chance to?
2.) Do you know how to drive (yet)?
3.) Chinese food or Italian food?
4.) What question do you HATE answering?
5.) Do you like strappy, flat sandals or boots more?
6.) What's your lucky number?
7.) Do you get bored easily?
8.) Rain or snow?
9.) Have you ever pranked someone?
10.) The funniest word you know is...
11.) Christmas or Haloween?

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