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  • Yulia Brodskaya’s paper-graphic
    Days ago we published an article entitled “Supercurly Typography inspiration” (take a look if you didn’t read it yet). Following that topic, today we show you some cool works, similar to those ones, but with an original treatment. Yulia Brodskaya is from Russia, after a degree in Graphic Design she decided to try a career in London. She works as freelance illustrator and graphic designer. On her site there are a lot of very interesting works, but this one called “Papergraphic” are simply stunning! Take a look!
  • The Coffee Table Book Impossible Collection
    Collecting art can be a hassle. There's all those events you have to go to, artists you have to talk to and, most importantly, obscene amounts of money you'll have to spend. But you can skip all that by buying The Impossible Collection, a book consisting of the world's greatest art collection.  [Read more...]
  • David Krut Publishing
    Supermodel by Marlene Dumas : , Lithograph , 1995
  • XL art book
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    Xl art book - Books EMILIO PUCCI Women on EMILIO PUCCI Online Store - Fall-Winter Collection Woman. Worldwide delivery.
  • The WORLD is a book and those who do not TRAVEL read only one page.
    Underwater Hotel in Dubai.
  • Jayson Home Wood Book
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    2"W x 7.75"D x 8.5"H. Handcrafted of bamboo with mulberry tree spine. Hand-chiseled edges resemble paper pages. Wood is carefully charred to expose the natural grain. Organic details will vary. Each is unique. Sold individually.
  • Arthur's Fly Clip Art Page 1
    Arthur's various fly type clip art is of large size and format and is suitable for presentations, school projects and coloring books. Both color and B & W are offered
  • Miniature Books
    Started in 1993 with 'Cheerful Thoughts', editors Darrell and Elisabeth Hyder have created a series of special books on subjects from love and friendship to fishing and dog names. All the books are covered with Brookfield patterned covers.
  • New York Portrait of a City (10 photos)
    Reuel Golden, a former executive editor of PDN, has worked with art publisher Benedikt Taschen to produce New York: Portrait of a City. Setting out to be the visual encyclopedia of all things New York, Golden's book collects hundreds of iconic images from early 1900 to present day.
    • agatha christie
    • agatha christie
    • agatha christie
    • The Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple Mysteries): Agatha Christie: 9780062073600: Books
  • Paper Crown Fall 2012 Look book
    Paper Crown Fall 2012 Look book
  • Rainbow gate..:)
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    You can also follow me on Getty | 500 px | Deviant Art My dear contacts and visitors! I’ve read lots of comments, blog posts and forum topics about my photographs, whether I use photoshop or not, and should photoshop be used at all. It’s an honest question, but, as far as I’m concern, I had a goal to use photography as ‘prima materia’, a base, and through editing create a fusion of reality and vision. I am not a photo reporter, so I don’t feel obligated to honour every detail. What I’m trying to achieve is to emphasize the whole potential of a shot, creating a sight that I'd like if existed.. And since it’s impossible in real life, I do it in virtual :) My work is maybe more similar to ‘photo-painting’ than photography. Join me! After all, there is a reality of everything you imagine :) If you had recognised my work, than we share the same vision, and they are yours as much as they are mine! It’s a harmless illusion – your personal, real life reality is only a click away... :) :) :)
    • The Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple Mysteries): Agatha Christie: 9780062073600: Books
    • The Pale Horse (9780062074119): Agatha Christie: Books
    • Agatha Christie: The Shop – Poirot's Early Cases (Hardbacks)
    • Dumb Witness (Hercule Poirot, book 16) by Agatha Christie
  • Why Should You Care About Typography?
    I have a confession to make. There was a time, many years ago, where I thought that typography was fashion by another name. I didn't really appreciate how different typefaces function, and how the discipline evolved over time, under pressure from aesthetics and technology. And it makes me particularly red-faced to remember that I once flaunted that ignorance, going so far as to tell a noted creative director that bit about type as fashion. If only I'd known!
  • Penelope Cruz covers W Magazine September 2012
    W September 2012 Photographed by Mert & Marcus Do you remember your first audition? Yes, it was for the woman who became my manager and still works with me. She was testing around 300 actors. I was 14 years old, and she had me read a scene from Casablanca , which is impossible to do when you …
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  • The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page
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