The Rain Song // Led Zeppelin


I wish I looked like Marianne Faithfull when she starred in Girl On a Motorcycle. She's gorgeous. I just wanna be those cute blonde girls from the 1960s who had bangs and dressed all mod but I don't look good with bangs so it's definitely #/beautygoalsproblems

shout out to my boyfriend with the best music taste ever accidentally left his iPod in the car. He has the whole Led Zeppelin discography and I listened to The Rain Song on repeat the whole way to work. It's just so beautiful, man. That sound is pure magic. It's the prettiest song Zeppelins ever done. Plus, he has the whole Beatles discography on his iPod too! It's gonna hurt giving that bad boy back.

&& OMG SIDENOTE;; never eat McDonald cheese sticks. They are hella gross. Why did I EVER think that was a good idea. I don't eat McDonalds often, and I was reminded why I don't. Yuck.

Stay Golden,

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