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monday 5th of november, 2012; Shay's Birthday.

"Cheers to Shay being an old fart" Aria giggled, raising her glass that had been refilled numerous times throughout the night that even I decided to stop counting. "She's nearly as old as Santa" Aria added, her giggles become untamed as they left her mouth.

"I'm not even old" Shay scoffed though she raised her drink as the awful quality toast that was about to happen. I must have been the only sober and stable person sitting at the table but I think Grace may have only had one glass. 

That's already enough to send her to the border.

"Cheers to Shay being older and closer to getting grey hair" Aria continued and I honestly wondered how long she'd run her mouth but I glanced toward Liam and noticed it wouldn't be for much longer.

"That's why they make hair die" Bailey reminded Shay with a nod of her head and almost spilling her drink on her shirt as she began to raise it. "Thank-you hair die, you will save my friend before she goes bald" Bailey added as laughter cut through the air like a whip.

I let out a small laugh and shook my head at my stupid friends. They were my stupid yet lovable friends who I'd be lost without, in a cheesy way, they complete me. Whether they considered me as an important part of their life, I didn't know, nor did I want to.

I was still scared of the truth hidden despite the change and growth in myself since beginning in the house. I was proud of myself for letting people in because I didn't regret it, I was happy.

They made me happy.

"I think I know why you're smiling" Scott whispered in my ear, causing me to jump almost six feet in the air and interrupting my thoughts abruptly. I raised an eyebrow, slightly confused on the comment. Could he read minds and he hadn't told me about it?

"How about we follow in Aria and Liam's decisions and skip upstairs for some time away from these people?" he questioned, I ignored the smell of alcohol coming from him. I shook my head and smiled a little, "I'm okay here."

"But we can have some fun" Scott spoke, putting extra emphasis on the word fun and I knew he had consumed one too many alcoholic beverages at that moment. "I'm having fun now" I replied. I didn't want to become bothered by his idiotic behaviour and there was no point in making a scene either.

"This is nothing, you clearly haven't experienced fun" Scott smirked, wrapping an arm around me as I moved away and stood from my seat. "I need to use the little girl's room" I lied; I didn't want to be near my drunk boyfriend.

"I'll make sure you don't get lost" Scott stood and began to follow me to the bathroom. It wasn't long and his arms had found themselves around my waist and my back against the wall, without much of a choice.

"Scott" I breathed, looking up at him, "not here and certainly not now" I said quietly, attempting to escape his embrace.

"You don't like me?" Scott questioned, still not allowing me to escape but I was greatful that his grip hadn't tightened nor had he started yelling like I had predicted. "I adore you but I don't want to do this here" I replied calmly.

"I thought you were ready" he frowned. Those gorgeous puppy dog eyes and his frown could have made angels cry but it didn't change my mind. I ducked quickly from his arms and stood a couple steps away.

"I am but you're drunk and stupid" I crossed my arms over my chest, it was my turn to frown this time. "If you're ready then lets go" he said, approaching me.

"Leave me alone, you're clearly not mentally stable, Scott" I said, beginning to walk away and into the living room where Grace sat. I quickly sat next to her and hoped he'd stop if he saw Grace.

"You lied to me" Scott said, standing a couple metres away from the two of us on the couch. "I didn't lie" I shook my head, pausing, "I just want you to remember us having sex and not have me reminding you the next morning" I replied.

Grace's eyes widened once she had realised how serious or how semi-serious the conversation had gotten. "Whatever, you lied" he said before walking off, almost stumbling on the rug but not falling.

Grace didn't ask why or what had just happened; instead she let me lay down next to her, rest me head on her lap and leave me to my thoughts. We'd talk tomorrow but at the moment, I was trying to ignore what had just occurred with my drunk boyfriend.

He really needed to handle his liquor better.
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