feat. Infinite H

Special Girl MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnEHiMVgEII

Ok, so I just went and saw this Music Video for the first time about...thirty seconds ago! :D 

It came out and I've been meaning to see it but every time I go to watch it I have to leave my computer for some reason. It was like some kind of force was preventing me from fangirling properly over my boys -.-

Well finally I had time and I sat down to watch it and wow, I was freaking out a lot. It wasn't anything that special (even though it was special girl...haha get it? Ok I'm going to stop now). But since I love Infinite boys. Well they could have just been sitting around in turtlenecks on a cardboard box and I would have loved it. 

But even with my bias state of mind, I thought this MV was pretty cute ^_^ There were a couple moments were I got GD feels, not the craziness but I don't know, something! 

And the song was pretty cute as well...not a wow like Sunggyu's "60 seconds" but still something I would listen over and over again to satisfy my inspirit feels :) 


I want to be his special girl! *pouts* 


Lol, this was one of the first times in a looooonnng time where I was jealous of the girl in a K-pop mv. When he was holding her hand and hugging her I just had the expression of a sad puppy left out in the rain. 

But I can't hate the girl or anything...I just want to take her place that's all! 

and @chomiczynka unnie, sorry I couldn't make my infinite sets in time for the contest >.< I was a couple hours too late T__T
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