K-Pop, Battle of Teams by @ioreth

Team Bulletproof
1. BTS @lauacvdo 
2. GOT7 @tortor1994 
3. LC9 @raphaellakay
4. B.A.P @channdid+ @himchan (leader)

6th contest: Special Task

Your team has been invited to perform for a girl's Sweet 16 birthday party! Your set needs to show the private concert hall decorated for this theme, the birthday girl in cute outfit, party decorations, along with the boys need to dress and act like cute school boys.
Woooow, just the title “Special Task” sounds interesting and it reminds me Harry Potter (such a fangirl lol – wanna help me, smart Hermione?)

First, please don’t laugh if my set looks bizarre (or you can but do it nicely thanks) It was hard to find ideas because I didn’t even know what a “Sweet Sixteen Party” is… We don’t have this in France and the only thing I knew and was similar is the party of 15 in South America (because I love watching documentaries, especially on Arte)
So yeah, thank you dear Wikipedia for your article about Sweet 16 Birthday Party XD
And thank you Pinterest for your great pictures :D

Sweet Sixteen Party:

Birthday girl: Dani from T-ARA N4 (12th June 1998)

MCs: League of Competition #9

Theme: Harry Potter wizarding world and more precisely Hufflepuff theme.

Place: the garden

Animations: Eden is the main MC, Rasa and J-Hyo give to Dani her present, King and Jun sings her a mix of happy birthday and “dance like a hippogriff” while AO dances (if you’ve never seen AO dancing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZUuBikIY1A) and of course they also perform all together Mama Beat!

Outfit: what she’s wearing on the picture, since she wants to keep the party casual (no princess dress) but stylish, through the boys wear more eye-catching outfit because they’re the MCs.

Dress code for guests: to have at least some yellow items in the outfit but it must be fashionable, not just random yellow rag lol

To Team Party Boys:
I hope this set is ok...
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Wrote two years ago
Great layout and design...wonderful pics and outfit too too !!!

Wrote two years ago
look so cute adorable fab style and outfits such a perfect combo like always also look yum i like it !!!!

Wrote two years ago
Pardon me, I'm going to do it lazy style lol
I enjoyed reading all your comments a lot, thank you so much!!!
Still happy to have such wonderful polyfriends here :)
Thank you @musicfriend1 @barbarela11 @rainie-minnie @ohmykaisis @muzikgurl @sartorialistic @theamazingkissme @himchan @tokyotrekker @aliicia21 @followmiiin @nikol128 @anabella507 @gizibe @remysg21 @giko-is-giantsister @ritva-harjula @aaalexandraaa !

Wrote two years ago
Amzaing set !!



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♪Kpop Music Fashion♪

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# Anna #


5th place in group contest: 6th contest: Special tasks

5th place in group contest: 6th contest: Special tasks

18 sets from 18 members. Ended two years ago.
Rules here: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=126025406
1 week, 1 limit, 8 winners

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