Speede I Love Bikes Socks by DeFeet
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  • DeFeet Cosmic 6in Sock
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    Solid socks have never been your thing. When you're gritting your teeth on a snaking, winding climb, glancing down to see a bold pop of color goes a long way in getting you through the pain cave. If you're looking to refresh your collection this year, grab the DeFeet Cosmic 6in Sock. Built on the brand's beloved Aireator platform, the Cosmic's synthetic fibers keep your feet cool and dry while its rich graphics keep your spirits up.
  • DeFeet Stitch Daisy Sock
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    Take a ride through spring's fragrant new blooms in the DeFeet Stitch Daisy Sock and gaze at graceful irises, rich tulips, and sweet hyacinth blossoms with comfortable feet. As you pedal alongside soft green hillsides, fluffy clouds and blue skies above, the Stitch Daisy's airy blend of synthetic fibers will prevent sweaty toes or blisters from interrupting your reverie. Its sweet daisy pattern promises to keep you in spring-like state of mind long after those dreamy first flowers fade.
  • DeFeet Ornot Aireator 6in Sock
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    Between its saucy stripes and CoolMax Eco fibers, the DeFeet Ornot Aireator 6in Sock looks as cool as it feels as you blast down the tarmac. Sourced from recycled plastic bottles, CoolMax Eco fibers actively wick moisture for optimal temperature regulation. Further contributing to its cool-wearing feel, ventilated mesh panels prevent overheating during spirited club rides and grueling race efforts alike. Also, there's a touch of Lycra for proper foot support and muscle stabilization.
  • DeFeet Mad Alchemy Aireator 6in Sock
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    Designed for the speed demon inside all of us, the DeFeet Mad Alchemy Aireator 6in Sock fuels your spirited riding and racing pursuits with its lightweight, ventilated feel and vibrant graphics. It's a collaborative sock with the embrocation wizards at Mad Alchemy, complete with their signature Griffin guiding your riding efforts. CoolMax Eco fibers are sourced from recycled plastic bottles for greater sustainability. This recycled polyester actively wicks moisture for a pleasantly cool, dry feel. Tough-wearing nylon stands up to fast pedaling movements without premature wear. A touch of Lycra retains a supportive fit along your foot and lower leg.
  • DeFeet Levitator Trail Bigfoot 6in Sock
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    Keep your eyes peeled on your next trail ride for the mythical woodland ape with the fun-loving look of the DeFeet Levitator Trail Bigfoot 6in Sock. This crew-length sock is decked out in special-edition graphics by the legendary California artist known as Bigfoot. It's a fresh spin on DeFeet's enduro-specific Levitator Sock, offering high-density padding and ample coverage from the bumps, scratches, and pedal strikes of high-consequence trail riding. CoolMax EcoMade yarns are derived from recycled plastic bottles for greater sustainability. This recycled polyester fabric keeps your feet from overheating by actively wicking moisture on the trail. Blended nylon retains the tough-wearing durability you've come to love from DeFeet's trail riding socks. There's also a touch of added Lycra for form-fitting stretch and support when you're cranking up steep mountainsides and blasting back down at blistering speeds.
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  • DeFeet Blurred 4in Sock
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    Focus on the winding road ahead with the DeFeet Blurred 4in Sock keeping your feet blissfully cool and comfortable. Taking design cues from DeFeet's original Aireator, the Blurred 4in Sock maintains cool-wearing comfort with its venting mesh weave. CoolMax EcoMade fibers actively wick moisture to reduce perspiration build-up when you're pedaling furiously up hills and training in sticky summer weather. Added nylon maintains durability and a touch of Lycra provides security and foot support.
  • DeFeet Blurred 6in Sock
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    Distractions on the road are numerous, with cars buzzing past you, jarring potholes, and loose gravel threatening to throw you off-balance. Stay focused on the road ahead with the cool-wearing comfort of the DeFeet Blurred 6in Sock. Striking a balance between coolness and optimal coverage, the Blurred 6in Sock features ventilated mesh panels and a crew-length height. CoolMax EcoMade actively wicks moisture to prevent the sweaty, sticky feel of damp socks. These polyester fibers are sourced from recycled plastic bottles for greater sustainability. Added nylon promotes tough-wearing durability when you're riding on a regular basis. There's also a touch of Lycra for form-fitting stretch and foot stability.
  • DeFeet Stripers 5in Sock
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    Much like the racing stripes adorned on exotic sports cars, the DeFeet Stripers 5in Sock looks and feels fast with its neon-clad stripes and lightweight, form-fitting material. CoolMax fibers actively wick moisture for a pleasantly cool, dry feel. Blended nylon maximizes durability when you're cranking away at a high cadence. Strategically ventilated panels prevent overheating when the tarmac radiates heat like a frying pan on hot summer days. There's also a touch of Lycra for supportive stretch and foot stabilization.
  • DeFeet Tenspeed Hero Aireator 6in Sock
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    Venturing away from the hum-drum narratives of standard cycling apparel, the DeFeet TenSpeed Hero Aireator 6in Sock lends visual inspiration with its vibrant argyle, dreamy clouds, and delicious sprinkle prints. It takes stylistic cues from the tight-knit band of cyclists known as TenSpeed Hero, based out of the bustling streets and brisk shorelines of Chicago. It's based on the comfort-driven formula of DeFeet's 6in Aireator, maintaining temperature regulation with CoolMax Eco fibers. This polyester fabric is sourced from recycled plastics for greater sustainability and active moisture management as you're pushing along at a blistering pace. Ventilated panels prevent overheating during fast-paced rides and grueling races alike. Added Lycra supports and stabilizes your feet and lower leg muscles.
  • DeFeet Wooleator 6in Camo Sock
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    Wrap your hardworking toes in a sock that adapts to the volatile temps of early spring when you get back out on the roads or trails. DeFeet's proven Wooleator 6in Camo Sock's adaptable blend of USA wool and synthetic fibers help regulate your temperature when you go from sweating on a climb to chilled on a shady descent, and its lithe silhouette and efficiency at moisture transfer mean you can wear it all the way through the summer, too.
  • DeFeet Shazam 6in Sock
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    We all need a little push to get excited for a ride sometimes, and one look at DeFeet's Shazam 6in Sock will tell you that motivation could be its middle name. Slip this bright, poppy sock on and get ready to spin the pedals with the energy of your favorite animated character; its tried-and-true synthetic knit will take care of the rest. Moisture-wicking fibers keep sweat away from your skin as you dance up climbs and bunny hop curbs, ensuring blisters and chafing never get a chance to interrupt your good mood.
  • DeFeet That 70's 6in Sock
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    Back in the far-out era of bell bottoms, lava lamps, and long locks, they'd never have dreamed of a sock like the DeFeet Aireator. With its groovy blend of synthetic fibers, the DeFeet That 70's 6in Sock shows an appreciation for bygone style while embracing modern tech. It'll wick moisture away from your toes, preventing blisters and chafing from interrupting your ride.
  • DeFeet Craze 6in Sock
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    When you're feeling especially wired after a long day inside, slip on the DeFeet Craze 6in Sock and go burn some serious energy on an evening trail ride. With a memorable black-and-white pattern atop DeFeet's proven Aireator platform, the Craze will keep your toes cool and dry while you attack your favorite stretches of brown pow. Plus, the classic crew height will keep your ankles dry and your kit looking road-worthy if you decide to swap dirt for tarmac over the weekend.
  • DeFeet Aireator Hi-Top Urban 5in Sock
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    Add a bright spot to your all-black kit on your next weekend ride with the DeFeet Aireator Hi-Top Urban 5in Sock. As you weave your way through your favorite neighborhoods en route to your favorite coffee shop for your post-ride cold brew and slice of Saturday pound cake, the Hi-Top's five-inch inseam will earn you enviable tan lines. And of course, its contoured fit and efficient synthetic fibers will dutifully draw moisture away from your skin as you ride under a warm mid-morning sun.
  • DeFeet Memphis 6in Sock
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    Memphis 6in Sock
  • DeFeet Woolie Boolie Baaad Sheep Sock
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    As you saddle up in the morning chill, the merino wool Defeet Women's Woolie Boolie Bike Sock help to insulate your toes while continuing to regulate your heat and moisture throughout your entire sunny spring ride.

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