*Aria's cell buzzes*

'I know someone who wanted Ali dead. They've got me, and are planning on killing me tonight. I love you guys, give those babies kisses for me.~Spencer'

*Aria bursts into tears*

Aria: Ezra!!

Ezra: What's worng, is it the babies?

Aria: Spencer just sent me a text, they're going to kill her tonight. We have to stop them! She can't die, too many people have died alreay, too many for me to handle!

Ezra: Okay, okay, calm down. I know the track record we have with the cops track where she is and go get her. Okay?

Aria: I need to talk to Hanna, Toby, and Emily first, see what they think. Can you call them for me? I'm going to go have a ment down in the backyard.

Ezra:Oh on you're not you're goign to go sit on the sofa and try to stay calm, you know what your doctor said.

Aria; Fine.


Emily: Caleb can you trace the text? I don't like the idea of going to the cops.

Caleb: Yeah, that should be easy, then we're goign to call Jason, and we're goign to go get her. Aria, you and Hanna call Mike and have him come over and stay with you. This could get messy and I don't want the two of you by yourselves.

Hanna; Why can't I go? I'm not on bedrest!

Ezra: Hanna you do realize that whoever has Spencer is plannign on killing her? We don't want anything happening to any of these babies.You two are staying home.

Aria: What about you? I don't want two fathersless childred.

Ezra; We'll be careful.

Toby: We're going to get Spencer, and I'll make sure we all get out in the best condition possible.

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