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Felicity is so gorgeous <3 This is my sample audition for VLV (though most of you already know what to do haha) but also I'll make this my intro-type set when we actually get the RP started :)

The one that tried to kill herself.
Rhyanne [Rhy, Annie] Holloway, 25 years old
Known as: "the girl who had it all"
• Biography: They say the higher you climb, the harder you fall right? Well, Rhyanne was at the very top. She was that popular girl that was friendly enough to have hundreds of friends, but snobby enough to only get close with a handful. Head of student council, valedictorian, champion lacrosse player, awarded pianist and singer, and all around golden girl, Rhyanne was everything her twin sister Emmeline wished to be. Rhyanne was always in the spotlight, always the favorite daughter, and basically the better half. That is, until college. Sophomore year Rhyanne met Mr. Hanson, her gorgeous physics teacher. She started seeing him, and no one knew. This went on until right before senior year. Rhyanne had fallen completely in love with an older, married man, and he broke it off when he thought people were finally getting suspicious. Rhyanne went out of control after that, her GPA dipping so low that she was forced to drop her scholarship, and she ultimately dropped college altogether, not caring to graduate. Without Mr. Hanson, whom she thought was her supposed soulmate despite the many guys trying to get her attention, Rhyanne believed there was no other option for her in life. So she slit her wrists and went all Virgin Suicides. Her older brother Connor found her because she was living in his apartment at the time, and he barely got her to the hospital before she lost too much blood. From then on Rhyanne lost her popular, perfect girl status. Everyone only knew her as the girl who tried to kill herself, and no one knew why. 
• Why she is returning to the beach house: Rhyanne has kept to herself ever since “the incident” and she’s jealous of all the good things now happening to Emmeline. She’s trying to be someone again, and she’s hoping being back at the beach will make people realize she’s more than just a suicide attempt. 
Occupation: Musician, when she can find work.
Relationship status: Single
Other notable relationships: older brother Connor, twin sister Emmeline (@emmylou), and childhood friend Joshua
Model: Felicity Jones

I honestly felt weird when Nate texted me, inviting me back to the beach house. It wasn't the kind of weird like "why would he invite me I don't even like him" because we'd been good friends once upon a time. It was more the kind of weird like "why would he invite me, no one wants to see me" because it was true. No one wanted to see me. Not anymore. I was like some disease. They didn't want to even look at me, for fear they'd catch it. But there was nothing to catch. 

I'd tried to kill myself. Somehow, in their minds, I was a little vial of acid and if I got under their skin, maybe they'd want to kill themselves too, or maybe they'd say the wrong thing and I'd try it again. They didn't know how to act around me anymore. I knew this not because I'd seen any of them since it'd happened, but because that's how my family acted. The people I saw everyday. The locals. The old people that lived down the street. Connor was the only one who pretended I was even alive. Everyone else talked to me, touched me like I was made of thin glass. If they talked too loud, I would shatter. If they hugged me too hard, I'd crumble away. 

I wished I could tell them I was okay. I wished they would remember who I used to be. That's who I was, that's who I was going to be. I didn't want them seeing, knowing the now me. The now me was a sort-of freaky mute, a waste of space. And Derek... He had never even tried to ask if I was okay, after it'd happened. It had been two years. And he hadn't called or texted... anything... not once. I think maybe he moved away. I would've chased after him, made him slit his wrists too so he'd know what it felt like, but I loved him too much to do any of it. When I woke up in the hospital that day, with Connor there beside me and Emmeline miraculously crying in the corner and Mom and Dad staring at me from across the room, I realized it was all so petty. Life was petty. Maybe I wasn't supposed to die. But I didn't know what I had to live for, either. 

I didn't try again. Because Connor used to watch me like a hawk. And because he bought me a new piano. I didn't know why. But it made me feel better. And I stopped thinking about what it might feel like to really die. I started forgetting about that.

No one else forgot though. But maybe if I said yes to Nate and just went back to the beach, back to childhood, back to everything that used to be, maybe they'd forget. I was determined to make them forget. I wanted them to want to be me again, not to want to try and keep a safe distance, talk about me behind my back like I didn't know what they were saying. I wanted them to focus on the future. I wanted them to like me again, not famous Emmeline. 

I was not a suicide attempt. I was not the scars on my arms, the blankness in my eyes. I was going to be who I used to be. As much as everyone else had changed, I hadn't. I hadn't. 

If I could believe that myself, maybe they could too.

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