A flurry of blonde curls fell in front of her face that was stained with black smudges from mascara and eyeliner, covering the tears that she was crying. Being third period, she was nearly the only one in the hallway. And due to that fact, she was thankful -- more thankful than she had ever been in her life. In high school, showing any sign of weakness was practical suicide. And crying was a weakness. It was the beginning of the school year and there was no way she would be looked at badly her Junior year. After finally managing to calm down, she took her hands from her knees and ran them through her ringlets with a sniffle left over from crying. Once her hair was out of her face, she slid her fingers around her complexion, taking away the make-up that was on her cheeks. Her eyes noticed a familiar looking boy, one that she soon recognized as ____, ____' s brother. Happy that she had calmed down, she smiled a little and waved shyly as she murmured a soft hello when he walked towards her. "Hey, you."
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