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Layout inspired by Mich, Eve, Hannah, Brianna, Casie, Belle... ;)

Outfit inspired by what I'm wearing today!

Friday: Being a model you need to know fashion and not just separating you Gucci’s and Pucci’s, a model must know true fashion and how it is the strongest form of art. That is why we’re going to watch Coco: Before Chanel, a worldly documentary on the life of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and how she revolutionized the fashion world. Bring popcorn, and snacks and enjoy the movie.

"You ready, Julia?" Ali called into my room as I grabbed my bag. Chanel of course, for the movie we were about to watch. I had seen it before, but I had nothing better to do. Well, except practice, but I might get made fun of again.

"You seen before?" I asked Ali as we walked toward the mansion common room.

Ali shook her head, her eyes wide. "No, I can't wait! I love Chanel."

"We all," I smiled as we joined everyone. I spotted Bregje and Magdalena arguing over by the DVD player.

"You do it wrong," Bregje was saying as Magdalena rolled her eyes.

"No, you do it wrong," Magdalena said through gritted teeth. "Besides, I not know why we waste time watching movie when we could be doing productive things."

Frida butted in. "Well, this is a good movie you know. Haven't you seen it?"

"Don't care," Magdalena sniffed and stood up, brushing past Ali and I. I watched her head straight for the bathroom.

"Well..." Frida glanced up. "Oh, hey Julia! Ali! You guys excited for movie night?"

Ali grinned. "Definitely."

"Julia too busy to watch movie," Bregje said loudly, pointedly stretching out her legs to showcase her new Valentino dress. Didn't she know I had gotten some Valentino stuff too? 

"You too busy to fix hair," I snapped. Bregje's hair was a complete mess.

Frida and Ali exchanged a look before Frida said, "Come on guys, let's just watch the movie."

"Not with her," Bregje scowled, turning away from me. I pursed my lips and sat down as far away as possible from my new Valentino house-mate. I couldn't believe she had gotten in.

"Are we gonna watch this movie or what?" Lily asked from the back of the room.

"Yeah, I'm so bored," Liu agreed. Obviously neither of them could feel or hear the tension.

Frida popped in the movie and whispered a few things to Bregje, who scoffed. Then Frida came over and sat with Ali and I.

"Hey, sorry Bregje is PMSing," Frida smirked. "I love your outfit, Julia."

"Tanks," I replied, biting the inside of my cheek.

"So has he texted you back?" Ali asked as the previews came up.

"Who?" Frida asked curiously.

"Dis boy James," I told her. "He like me, Ali dinks."

"I know he does!" Ali said. 

"Ohhh, tell me more," Frida smiled and leaned in closer.

Ali began to tell the story and I glanced over at Bregje to see how she was reacting to Frida picking me over her.

I smiled victoriously when I saw Bregje fold her arms across her chest and slump way down in her seat.

Score one for Julia, zero for Bregje.

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