[Eden and her immediate cast. I'm not including most of their bios because they're not super important. I just want a face to a name to make things easier.]

 About Eden
Eden, despite her namesake, is just a normal girl. She is not super smart, did not come from a rich or important family, and does not have any particularly enviable skills. But she does have something unique: a super nose. She can detect and differentiate smells faster than a hunger dog smelling pizza. She wants to be the best in her field and become a perfume legend, for now, but she's perfectly happy with being a normal human being. Too bad sometimes throws you giant ass grapefruits instead of just handing you a lemon. 

Dad – Luther Jaeger, 48, botanist 
[Gerard Butler]
Mum – Brooke Baker, 45, archaeologist 
[Jennifer Aniston]
Dad's gf – Sally, 46, senior hair stylist 
[Rachel Weisz]
Mum's bf – Jeffrey Martin, 45, real estate agent
[Mark Wahlberg]
Step-brother – Tyler Martin, 5, teddy terror 
[Ty Simpkins]

Step-brother – Gage Allen, 23, writer 
[Ezra Miller]
Gage is Eden's best friend, confidante, and shoulder to cry on. He still lives in the crappy apartment in Brooklyn they shared when they first got to NYC, and makes a living writing and designing shitty menus. 

~Not pictured~
Cousin – Sabrina Jaeger, 21, full-time delinquent
[Ellen Page]
A fan of choker necklaces, biker jackets and all things "kawaii", Sab is sort of the black sheep of the family. She is studying EECS in MIT but all she wants to do is read manga and eat strawberry ice cream all day. Lives in San Fran's bay area but secretly wishes she was back in Indiana instead.

NY bestie – Carla Madero, 26, boss at IFF
[Sheila Marquez]
Through one coincidence or another, Carla became her first and probably only friend in New York. With her Spanish descent, it's safe to say that Carla gets pretty much whatever the h*ll she wants, whenever the h*ll she wants it.

Ex-BF – Edward Bolton, 23, financial advisor 
[Colton Haynes]
Eden broke his heart not once, twice, but three times. Him, Eden and Gage used to be the closest friends back in Kentucky, but after the move to New York, the group dynamics shifted. Now he claims to detest Eden, but maybe living in the same building will change his mind. 

Eden has been dating Josh Bowman [Jesse Eisenberg], a 27-year-old interior designer, for a mere two weeks. He's shy and a little socially awkward, but also incredibly smart. He used to work with Jeff, Eden's sorta step-dad, which makes things kinda awkward.
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