Spiegelau Wine Lovers 6.5 oz. Champagne Glass, Set of 4
  • Peugeot Les Impitoyables Champagne Glass
    Artisan glassblowers meticulously shape each of these Champagne glasses to coax the full flavor, aroma and effervescence from each pour of Champagne or sparkling wine. A pointed cone at the base of the bowl encourages bubble formation and helps aerate the wine to maximize its aromatic properties. A molded barley-seed pattern on the interior of the glass captures foam to indicate the wine-s maturity. Lustrous, crystal-clear glasses add a touch of elegance to any occasion and make a stunning gift for any wine connoisseur. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Glass. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 2¾" x 8¾" Capacity: 12.1 oz. Made in Slovenia.
  • Zwiesel 1872 The First Champagne Wine Glass
    Legendary glassmaker Schott Zwiesel has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 100 years. Today, they-ve created what many consider to be among the finest crystal in the world—The First Collection. Handmade and designed specifically for oenophiles, The First Collection sets a host of new standards in the world of fine drinking and dining. This singular collection was developed in conjunction with Italian-born Sommelier World Champion Enrico Bernardo, former cellar manager of the Michelin three-star restaurant Le Cinq in the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris. Representing an unmatched dedication to quality and master craftsmanship, the precisely cut edges, meticulously polished rims, delicate yet sturdy walls and tapered shapes provide the optimal breathing for your wine and allow it to unfold its complete bouquet. Innovative, distinctive and always a pleasure to use, this series is the most advanced lead-free titanium crystal sommelier range of wine stems ever developed. The best wines in the world find their match in these mouth-blown glasses. The Champagne glass is perfect for your favorite bubbly, with dimensions that encourage the optimal development of complex bouquets and a slender, upwardly tapering bowl to concentrate the aromas. 12.4 oz. Hand wash. Made in Hungary.
  • Peugeot Champagne Glasses, Set of 4
    Perfect for sipping Champagne, Prosecco and other sparkling wines, these attractive glasses feature an angular silhouette that tightens around the globe. Designed to provide perfect aeration for excellent bubble circulation and showcase champagne-s unique aroma, this set is a welcome addition to any oenophile-s collection. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Includes: 4 glasses. Material: Glass. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 2½" x 8½" Capacity: 3 oz. Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials. Made in Romania.
  • Riedel Sommeliers Champagne - 245mm 170ccm
    Material: lead crystal. Height: 24.5cm / 9 5/8" Capacity: 170ml / 6 oz. Beautiful Sommeliers champagne glass. Optimum glass shape for maximum wine enhancement. To be enjoyed with a crisp champagne. Mouth blown & free-formed by master craftsmen. Grape variety specific. Dishwasher safe. Packaged in a smart black & red Riedel box.
  • Rosanna Luxe Moderne Flutes, Set of 4
    There's always a reason to celebrate. This set of superfine flutes brings instant glamour to the tablescape, each one encircled by an art deco design of dots or stripes in glimmering 24-karat gold. The patterns, influenced by both the roaring '20s and swinging '60s, are emphasized when champagne's effervescent bubbles ascend within. Includes two dot glasses and two swirl glasses in gift box. Porcelain with 24-karat gold accents. Holds 8 oz. Luxe Moderne collection.
  • Riedel Ouverture promotional 12 pack - 4 Red Wine, 4 White Wine, 4 Champagne
    Material: lead crystal. 4x red wine glasses- H20.1cm, 530ml. 4x champagne glasses- H21.7cm, 260ml. Fantastic Ouverture wine glasses. Receive 12 glasses, pay for 8. Optimum glass shape for maximum wine enhancement. Mouth blown & free-formed by master craftsmen. Top choice of wine connoisseurs & chefs alike. Grape variety specific. Dishwasher safe. Packaged in a smart black & red Riedel box.
  • Spiegelau Balloon Decanter and Tumblers Set
    Serve everything from fresh-squeezed lemonade to perfectly marinated sangria in the casually elegant Spiegelau® Balloon Decanter and Tumblers. Set includes: 1 x Decanter (10.6 in x 5 in, 53.25 fl oz) 2 x Tumblers (13 fl oz) Made of clear, lead-free crystal. Dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. Measurements: Weight: 12 oz.
  • Riedel Stemless O Champagne Glass, Set of 2
    Riedel's stemless flute lends a relaxed, modern note to champagne toasts.
  • Spiegelau Set of 2 Lager Beer Glasses
    Bring the pub home. Boasting a wide mouth to balance hops, the Spiegelau lager glass makes every sip a satisfying one. Its large size gives you a generous portion, while its shape recalls the silhouette of a classic pint glass. Clear.
  • Riedel Vinum Champagne Set Of 2
    Savor the effervescent experience of Champagne with the simply elegant Vinum Champagne glass. Beautiful slender design keeps bubbles contained for longer periods. Machine-made leaded crystal for a flawless finish. Hand washing recommended. Capacity: 5.5 oz. Height: 9.0" Stem length: 3.75" Made in Austria.
  • Spiegelau Set of 2 Wheat Beer Glasses
    Every beer tastes better in a glass made especially for it. Boasting a sleek, laser-cut rim and gleaming curves, the Spiegelau wheat beer glass makes every sip a satisfying one. Its design brings out the flavor of your favorite wheat beer as its large size gives you a generous portion. Clear.
  • Riedel Set of 2 O Stemless Champagne Glasses
    Shape up your home bar. Crafted in machine-blown Bavarian crystal, the Riedel stemless champagne glasses are timelessly chic and perfect for accentuating the crisp color and texture of champagne. Crystal.
  • Spiegelau Set of 4 Beer Tasting Kit
    Every beer tastes better in a glass made especially for it. These expertly crafted classic beer glasses are specially shaped to accentuate the aromas and flavors of different kinds of beer. Each one has a thin, laser-cut rim to enhance each sip, and a large size that gives you a generous portion every time. no color.
  • Zalto Glassware Crystal Denk'Art Champagne Glass
    Zalto hand-blown crystal Denk'Art champagne glass. Handcrafted for noble sparkling wines, especially Champagne, Prosecco, Spumante and Cava. "Zalto DENK'ART" etched at base. 9.5" height, approximately. Lead-free crystal. Delicate cycle, dishwasher-safe. Made in Austria.
  • Spiegelau Stemmed Pilsner Glass, Set of 2
    Just as with wine, the proper glass is essential for appreciating the subtleties of flavor, mouth-feel, aroma and color in beer. Designed to allow pilsners to express their unique character, this tulip-shaped stemmed glass from Spiegelau is also a good choice for hearty bocks and stouts or Belgian Trappist beers. Dishwasher safe. 14.8 oz. cap., 6” high. Set of two. Made in Germany.
  • Cheers Stemless Flute Glasses, Set of 4
    The fun and whimsical designs of the Cheers collection set a festive mood at any gathering. Each glass in the set of 4 is precision-etched with a different yet coordinating design. The dots, lines, and swirls are also distinctive, so each of your guests can easily identify their glass. Dishwasher safe - top rack. These stemless flute glasses features a great multi-purpose shape, and can be used for Champagne and Prosecco, for juice or water or even as a unique way to serve appetizers or desserts. Made from European lead-free crystal. Set of 4 flute glasses, each measures 5-1/2 inch high x 1-3/4 inch rim diameter and holds 7-1/2 ounces.
  • Spiegelau Winelover's Champagne Flute Four-Piece Gift Box
    Celebrate the big events and the small achievements in life with the Spiegelau® Winelover's Champagne Flute. Spiegelau's proprietary Platinum Glass process creates glassware that is lead-free, durable and shiny. Beautifully sculpted stemmed glassware, ideal for the bubbly of your choice. Machine-made and lead free. Set of four, includes gift box. Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended. Capacity: 7 fl oz. Height: 8.75". Made in Germany.
  • Riedel Sommeliers Loire Wine Glass
    Riedel's premier Sommeliers collection includes an impressive assortment of lead-crystal glasses, each developed by expert wine tasters to flatter a specific varietal. The company's search for the perfect Sauvignon Blanc glass involved hundreds of expert tasters from around the world. The result is this award-winning glass, perfect for grassy Loire wines. Its tall, slender bowl highlights fruit and floral components while directing the flow of wine toward the front palate to balance fruit flavors and acidity. In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, the shape of this glass also complements Loire (Blanc), White Bordeaux, Chenin Blanc, Fumé Blanc and Gewürztraminer. Artisans at Riedel's family-owned factory in Austria craft each exquisite piece individually, performing every step of the glassmaking process by hand. Hand-washing is recommended. 12.25-oz. cap., 9 1/4" high.
  • Spiegelau Set of 2 India Pale Ale Beer Glasses
    Every beer tastes better in a glass made especially for it. Master Ipa brewers Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada weighed in to create the Spiegelau Ipa glass. Expertly crafted with the purpose of emphasizing the aromatic qualities of American beer, the wide mouth and generous shape make every sip a satisfying one. Clear.
  • Crate & Barrel Camille Champagne Glass
    Handcrafted flute rises to the occasion on elongated slender stem to serve champagne and other sparkling drinks.
  • Spiegelau Set of 2 Beer Tulip Glasses
    Bring the pub home. With a hop-enhancing pilsner shape and a wide mouth that lends itself to stouts, malts and bold flavors, the Spiegelau beer tulip glass makes every sip a satisfying one. Its design emphasizes strong aromas and flavors, making it an enduring classic of the home bar. Clear.
  • Sur La Table Gold-Rim Coupe, Set of 4
    Perfect for enjoying a Martini, Manhattan or your favorite whistle-wetter, our exclusive coupe glasses feature handsome gold rims and add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Based on a design that-s been in use for centuries, coupe glasses are perfect for smaller stirred cocktails and offer an endearing alternative to standard flutes when raising a champagne toast. Manufacturer: Sur La Table. Includes: 4 glasses. Material: Glass. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 5" height. Capacity: 5 oz. Made in China exclusively for Sur La Table.
  • Spiegelau Ipa Beer Glasses, Set of 2
    Spiegelau Ipa Beer Glasses, Set of 2
  • Marquis by Waterford Toasting Flutes, Set of 4 Sparkle Champagne
    As durable as they are stunning, Sparkle toasting flutes shine bright in dishwasher-safe crystal with a shooting star cut. Faceted stems add extra refinement to this dazzling set from Marquis by Waterford. No Color. Crystal.
  • Spiegelau Hybrid Bordeaux 2 pcs. Gift Box
    Entertain in style when you serve wine in glasses from Spiegelau®. Spiegelau's proprietary Platinum Glass process creates glassware that is lead-free, durable and shiny. Beautifully sculpted stemmed glassware perfect for red wines such as Pinot Noir, Barbaresco, and Red Burgundy. Thin, laser-cut rims. Machine-made and lead free. Set of two, includes gift box. Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended. Made in Germany. Capacity: 23 fl. oz. Diameter: 3". Height: 9.5". Weight: 6 oz.
  • Bottega Del Vino Crystal Champagne Coup BV11 - Champagne Glass Set
    Available in a set of 2, 4 or 6 stems. An improvement on the classic champagne coupe, this stem gently brings the sides of the cup upward and in, concentrating the bouquet on vintage champagnes and spumante. A flute is great for an aperitif, a simple chardonnay or prosecco based sparkler. But remember, a really good champagne or spumante is first, an excellent wine and then the bubbles are added. Because it is an excellent wine, it has a bouquet and by tapering up the sides of this stem, the bouquet is focused for you to enjoy. If you love high quality vintage sparklers from Italy or France, we urge you to try this stem. If the wine matters, so does the glass - it's that simple. Tasting after tasting, test after test, time after time, wine enthusiasts are amazed by the difference the glass makes. Inspired by a life in wine and created by Severino Barzan, Bottega del Vino Crystal wine glasses are first and foremost, wine-driven in design and creation. Each piece is painstakingly mouth blown and hand finished to the highest world standards for balance, weight, shape and the tactile pleasure of holding the stem and drinking from it. Each piece features a superbly crafted bowl with single pull stem for the best possible feel in hand and mouth. Bottega del Vino crystal is unique in that it is not fragile, indeed it is suitable for restaurant use, yet it offers the finest presentation available for your wines both in appearance and taste. There are no machines used in this process, each piece is entirely made by hand (well, really by mouth and hand). Bottega del Vino crystal provides the perfect balance between tactile pleasure and everyday practicality, unmatched by any other stem! If that wasn't enough, this is the preferred stemware of HORNE owner, Ryan, which he and Alissa discovered on one of their trips through Italy.