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BACK!!! woohoo im honestly really glad im back!! lol while away..i noticed i cant live with out my sexy little monsters!!! I love you guys!!! ok i have so many awesome ideas for contestst!! cant wait to make them all!! haha but first lets get this contest out of the way..this contest requires you to make ANY kind of set FOR HOUSE OF GAGA! not for me! ..for the group!! LOL..you can put anything you want in the set! but in the set description...tell me the negative and positive things in this house! ..tell me what you would like to see improve! tell me any ideas you have, any comments, any suggestions, any contest ideas you would like to see! ..tell me ANYTHING! i wanna hear from you guys and know what my monsters what so i can give them!! :) also put the group link in the description(as ALWAYS!). IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ASK ME! i cant stress that enough!..if your confused..PLEASE ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one week! 3 winners. winners will KINDA be judged accoding to how much feedback you give!! now get to set making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAM!!! I WANNA HEAR YOU SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Created by monsterbrain. Created in HoUsE of GaGa. 128 sets from 40 members. Ended 6 years ago.