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  • Stern's T-Shirt
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    Stern's T-Shirt
    Be a part of the Stern's family with this trademark T-shirt. Born in New York City, Stern's had a homegrown feel with the entire family working throughout the flagship store. Elegant men in top hats opened the doors to a store heralded for having both the latest in Parisian style and the best for the working class.
  • Lazarus T Shirt
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    Lazarus T Shirt
    Gobble up this tidbit: executives of Lazarus Department Store successfully lobbied President Franklin Roosevelt to move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November to gain more shopping days before Christmas. This iconic t-shirt proudly displays the store logo and makes a great gift for anyone who knew and loved the Ohio landmark.
  • The Bon Marche T Shirt
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    The Bon Marche T Shirt
    Affectionately called The Bon by loyal customers, this Seattle-born store was named after the historic Le Bon Marche store in Paris. It can be fondly remembered for its catchy jingles, such as following the tune of The Banana Boat Song for a Day-o, One Day Sale. A classic to be remembered with an iconic t-shirt for everyone on your list.
  • Rich's T Shirt
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    Rich's T Shirt
    A Rich's logo t-shirt says it all… recall that southern hospitality and unbeatable service, that infamous take-back-anything policy and the ever-running conveyor belt that delivered packages straight to your car! Rich's was truly one of Atlanta's treasures.
  • The Broadway T-Shirt
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    The Broadway T-Shirt
    A Southern California staple lives on with this fun T-shirt. Known for being ahead of the times, The Broadway always pushed new trends, like women's slacks, into the forefront of fashion. The flagship store served the Los Angeles rich and famous and was synonymous with all the glory of Hollywood.
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