Spotted:Blair's Marchesa Feather Gown

For the next Gossip Girl column we will focus on Blair's Black MARCHESA Feather Gown. From this link
Be Blair's personal Stylist and use this item to create a set on how would you style Blair Waldorf wearing this MARCHESA Feather Gown for the Age of Dissonance episode. Simple eh!? The best top 3 sets style win and will be featured on our next column/contest!!! So submit your entries ladies!!! 3 Days ONLY!!!
*Age Of Dissonance**Age Of Dissonance* - by ♥~PrettyBaby~♥ on
Blair Waldorf in Age of DissonanceBlair Waldorf in Age of Dissonance - by ♥~PrettyBaby~♥ on

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