Spotted A Holiday Cookie Surprise
  • Holiday Wrap-Up Candy Cookies
    Cookies in the shape of wrapped candies will be the most irresistible item on your holiday dessert table. Cut pinwheel shape using candy cutter from the Wilton 7-Pc. Winter Holiday Metal Cutter Set.
  • Holiday Mitten Cookies
    This is the kind of hand that everyone will enjoy giving and receiving for the holidays. Use the mitten cutter included in the Wilton 7-Pc. Winter Holiday Cutter Set, and then decorate with Color Flow icing.
  • Christmas Cookies
    Chrissie Schubert, daughter of famous baker Sister Schubert, has gone into the family business, and her cookies, baked in Andalusia, Alabama, taste as great as they look.; $5.50 each
  • Luminous Holiday Tree Cookie
    Let’s call it cookie bling! Pearl Dust is brushed over the white icing and fondant trims of this cookie to add a hint of gold and lots of shine.
  • Wreath Treats! Cookie
    Greet your guests with greenery! Classic holiday wreath cookies are easy to decorate — add colorful lights using the nonpareils in our Light Bulb Sprinkle Set.