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During her first Spring Break of college at NYU, Ally's best friend, Missy invites her to a small lakeside house in the middle of the country in Minnesota, along with other friends from across the country. Missy invites students from her college, including two single guys named Blane and Harry, three girls named Natalie, Harper and Maria and her two twinned cousins, Sage and Shane. Soon enough, Ally realizes that she's falling for Sage, while Blane's falling for her. Later on during the trip, Ally's invited by both Sage and Blane to the yearly carnival. She's trying to decide on who to take to take as a date because she doesn't want to be rude, when tradgedy strikes. But Ally's unique. She's a 'vintage hipster' with a small Harry Potter tattoo on her right hip (the triangle with the line through it). She also only wears oldern floral print, granny shoes and has light, straight brown hair that she always pulls into a high ponytail, and black aviators.

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