Hello my lovelies! Lindsey in the house:P
Happy snow day!!!! Okay so probably none of you reading this right now have a snow day but I do! Stupid blizzards!!!

Today, since I have a snow day, I've decided to start cleaning my room! My room is very messy and I just want a new start for Spring! So I'll be cleaning and writing this at the same time, so these are all the steps I'll be taking as well!
So c'mon ladies throw that hair up in a ponytail, slip on some comfy clothes and let's get started!

&First things first&
+Make your bed and clean up the floor!
This will give you extra space to put things when you start organizing!

+Turn on the radio
Give yourself something to jam out to while you work! Or you could turn on the TV to give you something to listen to while you clean!
I got me some PLL marathon on right now, who's ready for the Spring Finale tonight?! I know I am!

Now let's get started

+Take all the clothes out and sort into piles
Okay so literaly take ALL the clothes out and place them on the bed or on the floor. Then go through your clothes and sort them in piles!
The piles I go with are
-Give away
-Need to try on

The give away pile I usually put in a bag because my family brings them to goodwill and it's just easier to transport all the clothes when they're in something! The need to try on is pretty self explanatory and same with the keep pile! But make sure you place your clothes in the correct pile! Trust me you don't want to give away something you want to keep!
*Check them all to make sure there's no stains, rips, etc.

+Sort through the rest of the stuff in your closet
I have extra pillows, random purses and wallets and a bunch of other stuff in my closet so I like to sort through it! Take out the stuff you might need this Spring and try to organize your closet again so it looks pretty:)

+Sort through other clothes
Okay so I have a ton of clothes sitting on a chair in my room so I'm gonna go through that too! So if you have any other clothes, maybe in the bathroom or another room, I'd sort through them if I was you! I'm pretty sure you don't want to keep clothes that you don't want because it'll just take up sooo much space that you can fill with clothes you actually want!

+Put all your clothes back in order
Okay so I like to put my clothes back in order, I usually change up the order whenever I clean my closet so go with whatever order you want! You can do short sleeves in the front, long sleeves in the back or clothes you wear a lot in the front and clothes you don't wear as much in the back! It's totally up to you! I'm gonna do colors, I've never done that before so I'm gonna switch it up a little bit! Hahaha! Another order you could do is put all your spring clothes in the front!
You don't have to put your clothes in order, I just find it easier!

Okay so I don't keep my pants, pjs, bathing suits, etc. in my closet so I have a dresser for that and I think it's a really good idea to clean out your dresser and get rid of the things you don't need!

+One drawer at a time
Okay so my dresser has six drawers so I like to go one drawer at a time!

+Sort through them
Like you did with your closet you're just gonna sort through the things in your drawer! Get rid of things that don't fit and keep the things that do! If something doesn't belong in your drawers then put them where they belong!

+Wash them out
If your drawers are really dusty and dirty I'd clean them out! Use some surface cleaner and spray it on a paper towel, then clean the inside of your drawers! This will help so that your clothes don't get all dusty and gross!

&Makeup Area&
Okay so everyone's makeup area might be different, personally I have a dresser that has my mirror attached so I do my makeup on my dresser but I've seen people who have a separate desk for their makeup! Either way it's good to clean it!

+Take everything off
This you can do by sections or all together! Taking everything off will be easier to get the dust off and organize the space better!

+Clean it
Take some cleaner and some paper towels and wipe off the surface! It'll get the dust and bacteria off! Dust and bacteria near your makeup.....not good!!!!
*If you do have a mirror attached to your dresser make sure you get in the crease, I cleaned that area and boyyyyy was it dusty!
*Make sure you clean your mirrors too!

*Dusty everything off
Before you put stuff back make sure you get all the dust off! You don't want to ruin your hard work by putting dusty stuff back on a surface you just cleaned!

+Organize everything
This is your chance to change how your makeup area looks, use it to your advantage! Rearrange it the way you want it to look! But I would definitely make sure you keep everything organized, don't just throw all of it back on!
*This is a good chance to clean your makeup brushes, I did it and my makeup brush were d i r t y

+Go through your makeup bag
You're cleaning your room so might as well clean your makeup bag too! Throw away the makeup that isn't good anymore or stuff that you know no one would use! It's taking up space in your makeup bag so get it on out! Hahaha

&Dust off your bookshelf&
I've learned that bookshelves hold a lottt of dust so make sure you dust those off too! Take off all the books and dust the shelf! If you have a lot of books take it one shelf at a time! Dust the books too!

Okay that's about it from me lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my cleaning tip! Just a warning this is very very time consuming! It took me about 3 and a half hours! It might be because my room was very messy or because I got distracted by PLL a lot:P
Just a tip don't watch PLL while cleaning if you don't want to get distracted! Hahaha!

Speaking of PLL we need to take a poll right here, right now!
Here are my questions for you, answer them in the comments if you want!
•Do you think Toby's really dead?
•Do you think Cece has something to do with A?
•Who else do you think is on the A team?
I'll leave my answers in the comments! Also don't give away any spoilers if you know any of these answers!

Love ya, stay pretty!
xoxo Lindsey @fashionsweetheart1

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one comment

Wrote 4 years ago
Do you think Toby's really dead?
Nope! His body looked wayyy to posed! Like his shirt was up just enough to see the tattoo and his head looked like it was faced weird! Nobody dies like that! Personally I think it might be Jason!!!
Do you think Cece has something to do with A?
Yes!!! There's just something about her that I don't like! She just ughhh I don't know, there's just something about her! And in the last episode Wren (i think) told Spencer about how Alison got Cece kicked out of college, ummm hello that could be a reason why she's against Ali!
Red coat has blonde hair, Cece has blonde hair......coincidence I think not!!!!!
Who else do you think is on the A team?
Well Toby and Mona duhhh! But I also think Cece is! I kind of think Melissa might be part of it but I'm not sure!
And what happened to Jenna?! She like disappeared off the face of the earth!
Let me know what you guys think too!



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Let's Spring for Spring!

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