[SSSD] roleplay :)
It's time to redecorate your rooms. That's right: Spring cleaning. Since a lot of girls just got back from break, we have time to re-organize. But be sure to get ready for classes, starting tomorrow.

Spring break was amazing as usual- shopping, partying, getting up too all types of mischeif but shhh! don't tell anyone especially my parents but then again they are so wrapped up in their own drama, they tend to forget aboout me, anyway enough of soppy crap.

Rolling in my 15743 Guess suitcases (oh maybe a slight zxaggeration but it could be possible) , I let out a sigh as I took a backward plument into the chair sitting neating near the dorm room door. I closed my amber coloured eyes for a second or two to take it all in, school again errr!. 

I noticed a slight smell that wasn't very pleasant, I took a few tiny steps in my new gorgeous stilettoes towards the two single beds, I suddenly realised what let off that unpleasant smell, a rabbit. "I hate rabbits", forgetting this I sat down on what seemed to be the avaliable bed near the window, the window with large raindrops racing down to the window seel. "What the hell happened to spring?!"

I clucked my phone and pulled it from my lightly tanned bag, carefully reading the creased piece of paper, I dialled the number of the cute french lifegaurd I met on the spring break, 20 or so, tanned, beachy blonde hair, so completly gorgeous. 

"Bon jour?" he said in his could-melt-your-heart voice.

"Hey, It's M, from spring break, I was just calling-"
he cut me off surely to reply with something sweet.

"Look I don't have time" he paused for a short second, "What happened back then, was just fun, your way too young, I was just having fun, weren't you?"

"Yes of course, I wanted to see how you were, maybe we could see eachother again, yeah?" I said this in an eager voice.

"Yeah, Look I have to go, please don't call me again"

I stopped pacing my new dorm room and sat down on my bed with my eyes wide open, this has never happened, no one have turned me down. I slugged my shoulders, I give up!

Maybe this year won't be all I wished for on that drunken new years eve night when the count down started, 3, 2, 1 , then again do wishes count when your drunk? 

Hello, I'm Michelle as of course you all know, introduce yourselves?, I may bite though so beware.
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