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My favorites:
Place: my room
Person: parents
Color: blue, light pink, brown 
Food: chicken
Smells: flowers
Book: ----
Movie: A lot of them 
Music Artist: A lot of them but Maroon 5.
Genre of Music: ---
Genre of Literature: ---
Magazine: ---
Time of Day: night
Day of the Week: friday
Polyvore User: @anavukadinovic, @floweer-4, @rainie-minnie....
Thing To Do When Bored: listen music, sleep, read a book...
Celebrity: Ashton Kutcher :O 
Class in School: biology
Website other than Polyvore: Facebook
Drink: Tea
Precious Stone: Idk
Animal: Dog 
Flower: Rose
Time in History: ---
Font: ---
Videogame: ---
TV Show: Doctor House!
Play: ---
Sound: Idk
Fruit: cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries
Vegetable: tomato
Store/Shop: ---
Article of Clothing you own: I can't decide
Fashion/Style: casual
Pattern: plain, striped
Quote: If nobody hates you, you're doing something wrong. (By House)
Historical Figure: ---
Boy's Name: ---
Girl's Name: Selma, Samra, Nadia...
Potato Chip Flavor: pepper, chilli
Meal of the Day: lunch
Ice Cream: chocolate
Popcorn: salted
Season: spring, summer
Month of the Year: June, May
Word: ---
Disney Princess: ---
Insult: Idk
Joke: Idk
Cuss Word: ---
Letter: B, S, A
Youtube Channel: Bethany Mota
Eye Color: blueeeee
Memory: I don't know, now. 
Dessert: cake
Candy: ---
Restaurant: ---
Language: english
Thing to Learn About: medicine
Thing About Yourself: I don't know, I'm not describing myself.

I tag: Anyone who wants to do this tag.

Ana, izvini što nisam odmah odgovorila na tagove. I ostale ću uraditi. Nisam znala da i ti "voliš" doktor House, baš mi je onako drago, bila sam iznenađena. <333 Volim te! Pozz mi Mateu.
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