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March 28, 2014

Happy Friday! ♥
I'm so excited for spring! Though it's still winter in Chicago. Chicago hasn't been ideal at all. Our summers burn and our winters are long. There's probably 2 weeks in October when the weather is perfect. It's a perfect excuse to wear cardigans all year round. Thank you for the love and support while I was gone! xoxo


Long time, no see. So much has happened during my temporary leave off Polyvore. As some of you know, I competed in HOSA ealier this month. (Health Professionals of the Future, where we apply knowledge of ALL health care topics, performing as an EMT, CPR, medical technician, dentistry, solving through an autopsy, determining time of death, manner, and cause, home health aid, etc. the list is endless). There were 1,800 high school students who competed this year. & I guess all the hard work did pay off. I placed 1st in state in "Forensics Medicine" winning a gold medal, and plaque for my school, and 2nd in state in Extemporaneous Poster". I'm a national qualifier! Representing Illinois for those categories! ♥♥♥ (My school can't afford to have me go, but it's ok, I'm just so thrilled to have gotten so far and accomplish so much as a sophomore). That has been such a highlight through this tough school year. My health in the other hand is rather complicated still. My anxiety hasn't occurred as often as before and the depression is subsiding. Though my allergies have worsen. A normal person w/o allergies has a level of 5 IgE. & those with asthma have a level of 100 IgE. & those with bad allergies with a level of abt. 150-300. 2 years ago I tested for 559 IgE and it has risen to 955. I'm told that my allergy levels still continue to rise despite my allergy shots and more and more things I'm becoming allergic to. When strawberries can kill you, it sounds insane. & I surprisingly can have dairy yet, I'm allergic to cocoa in chocolate. I think I mentioned this before but I have severe oral allergy syndrome, severe xerotic eczema, and asthma. I'm generally just an allergenic girl.
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