OMG. I love spring & summer sets!
Even though this isnt the best one I've made, I love making them (:
I hope you guys enjoy this set. c:


Umm. Lol. I love coming on to polyvore to people telling me about how @loveshawnal made a set about me. I love how people I DONT EVEN KNOW tell you about what sets I make? Do they know who I'm talking about? No. Because I have never spoken to them in my life. Ive never even had a REAL conversation with you, & you along with everyone else, thinks anything I make, is about you. It's not. I have so many other people I have to deal with. I dont even care about you, nor do I pay attention to you. I DONT LIKE YOU ♥


Are you stupid? My name is not "selenuh" just like your NAME isn't "loveshawnal" ?

Also. I had about a 5 minute conversation with you. & me and you both know I dont type " LiK3 THi$$$!11!!!1!!! "
Or anyone who really knows me knows I dont type like that? Like ew? Stop making shit up. lmaoo.

& um. I havent even looked at your profile in months. LMAO.
Sadly, your sets still pop up on my homepage, but I ignore 'em (:

To the people who I've never talked to & told shawnal I was talking about her? -
Please grow some balls. If you think I'm talking about her, then comment and say something instead of running to her. If you REALLY know me, you know who I'm talking about, & it wasnt shawnal. (:
But yeah. I guess since you guys hate me so much that you wanna go tell shawnal your lies, comment below so i can block ya too? ♥ (:

Yeah whatever. LOL.
Thanks for the set & letter dedicated to me though(:
I thought I'd return the favor boo ♥

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