Spring/Summer Camping

So, when I was younger my mom's old boyfriend use to make us go camping every weekend and most of the summer at Ohio Pyle and even though I despised him and rejected the idea of going camping then... I secretly really love the camp ground. Camping at a campground is kind of like being at a summer camp in the 80s! You get to ride your bike everywhere, live in your bathing suit, swim in a beach-like lake, meet people of all ages from all over the country, and you still have an actual functioning bathroom/shower. Since I am turning 18 in May I find myself being really nostalgic for the childish campground life, and I hope to convince my mom and maybe even a couple friends to go this summer for about a week . This collection is pretty much what I would want this year's possible campground trip to be like. #Summer2016 #CampgroundLife #Camping #SummerCamp

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Wrote 7 months ago
Your story is awsome and at 47 my fondest memories of that one week we went camping all over thank you

Wrote 9 months ago
love this


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