"In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slutt and no other girls can say anything about it."
- Cady
Leave it to Mean Girls to sum up Halloweenie when you get older. Yes these might be a little sluttty to some of you but, honestly this really isn't any worse from what I see at school and other girls Halloween coustumes.
1. Purple and Black Witch-
Purple and black on witch coustumes just seems so iconic to me. lol. Get a cute purple and black bandage dress and black heels. And find an adorableeeee matching hat- i think the headband ones are the best! (try claires!) 
hair- big wavy bouncy VS angel curls (:
makeup-smokey eye with hints of purple.

2. Red Witch (lol clever name, right?)
Get a purtyyy redish color body con skirt and pair it with a lace top. Long sleeved, short, tank etc whatever you want. If you're comfortable wear just a bandeau under but you can always wear a cami. for shoes try lita look alikes with spikes but if you're lucky (and i may add im super jealous) wear your realy litas. add a matching with hat with red accents!
hair- sleek, shinny && totally straight
makeup- super dark eye and dark blood red lips (:

3. Wicked Witch of the East.
By far my favorite! It's so iconic to the witch world && everyone will know what you are (: Since peplums are in get a black skirt with the peplum, black tank && those iconic striped black&&white tights! You obviously need the glittery red shoes (heels, flats etc-you could even diy and old pair of shoes!) and to classyfy it add a pearl necklace. try a cute headband witch hat for this look (:
hair-i think super straight or curly would look cuteee (:
makeup- a settle smokey eye with maybe green eyeshadow on your waterline to tie in how withces are green. go for just clear gloss (:

4. Safe Witch
so this is obviously safer and not as tight and whatnot as the other ones lol. go for dark marroonnn jeans and a sheer black top. add a cute pair of combat boots and go for a bigger normal sized witch hat (:
hair- something really pretty and simple looking- i would say keep it down because you dont want to look bald when you put your hat on lol (:
makeup- this def has to be dramatic since the outfit isnt really! dark smokey eye- have some fun and add in some reds (not trashy looking though lol) and i would say a nude, flesh colored glossy lip (:
thats all i got! i kind of really want to do a whole series of these 'sprucing up your childhood halloween coustumes' tips! i think its really cute! tell me what you think in the comments!
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