Seoul Romance RP:
Narrator's POV

The man from the sofa got up. JooYeon pointed her pink baseball bat at him.
"Who you are, what are you doing here?" She asked trying to sound a bit scary.
"Answer quickly!" Chanshik added, pointing at man with his magician's wand, the stick he had hit the man earlier that evening.
"I wish I could answer your questions but I don't know my name. I..don't remember."
JooYeon and Chanshik exchanged surprised stares; was he kidding?
"Don't remember?" The female asked to which the man answer with nod. He looked at her with puppy eyes for a while making her feel sorry for him.
"Can you sit here for a while?" JooYeon asked." You -" she pointed at Chanshik "-kitchen's meeting."

The two of them entered kitchen to talk about the mysterious man.
"It's your fault." JooYeon said pointing a spoon at blonde boy. "Why did you hit him in head?"
"You did the same." 
"What are we going to do? Should we take him to hospital?"
"No. They can, you know, call police and accuse us for beating innocent man."
"Right." JooYeon nodded." There is only one thing we can do." She left the room only to be back soon with pink laptop. "Let's check in the Internet how to cure amnesia."

The two of them acted like stupid characters from horror movie, checking all the answers in the Internet.

At the same time, the man sat comfortably on sofa, stretching his arms on it's backrest. His eyes were wandering on every piece of the furniture in the room, especially on chairs.

JooYeon and Chanshik soon were back, to announce their plan.

First they named the man; they needed to call him somehow. He agreed to be called 'Henry'.

He also agreed to stay at JooYeon's house until he would remember where he lives.

Chanshik promised to drop in as often as he could; he also threaten to 'Henry' that he shouldn't stay in 'his' room far from JooYeon. "Even think about touching her and I'll show you how my Avada Kedavra works." Chanshik poked him in chest with his wand.
'Henry' didn't want to know what type of martial arts that was.

Next day JooYeon was woken up with delicious smell. 'Henry' was making pancakes for her.

While she was eating them she stared at handsome man in apron, skillfully tossing pancakes on frying pan. With a bit dumb smile he asked her silly questions: did she sleep well? What she would like to eat for dinner? He looked very friendly in JooYeon's eyes.

She didn't notice how he glimpsed from time to time on his watch checking what time it was, and how he was somehow rushing her to go to work.

To his disappointment, JooYeon got ready to work longer than he hoped. As soon as she had left the house, he left it too, sadly taking last glance at empty room with antique chairs.

"You're late." Narsha scolded JooYeon.
"If you weren't living here you would be late too." JooYeon riposted.

After being introduced to all employees JooYeon asked "Whose hair should I styled first?"
Narsha smirked like a cat and handed her broom.
"We don't need hair stylist but a cleaner."
"I'm one of best European hair stylist yet you want me to clean here?" JooYeon protested.
"Best in Europe? Aren't you exaggerating?"
"Maybe a bit. But you're my cousin! Should you treat me differently than other employees?" JooYeon pouted.
"You got cleaner's post because you're my cousin and I'm treating you differently. Girls what about little break? We should let JooYeon clean here a bit! There's new great restaurant near, my treat."

'I hate you!" JooYeon yelled behind her cousin leaving her with cleaning but deep inside she was thankful to Narsha. She perfectly knew her cousin was only playing with her first day.

"Here are documents you asked for, young master." A middle aged man in glasses bowed low before 'Henry'.
'Henry' took the document without saying 'thank you' and locked himself in the office. He rested comfortably in big leather armchair. 
For a while he stared at empty square at his desk; square that should have building's model on it.
"Father, soon you'll be proud of me." 'Henry' said to empty room.
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