Sunshine Starlight RP:


‘Hello Sparkles~!’ Strawberry waved to camera and smiled despite feeling weak. She was sitting on hospital bed, surrounded by flowers and other gifts from worried friends and fans. ‘As you can see I’m fine – as long as you can be fine eating that disgusting hospital’s food!’
‘I can’t believe some food can be not tasty for you!’ Deep male voice belonging to T.O.P, hidden from camera’s sight, said.
‘Oh, shut up, oppa! I’m recording for my Sparkles!
So, despite some inconvenience, I’m fine. Just look how awesome hip hop clothes they gave me at hospital, yo!’ Strawberry pointed at oversized white dotted shirt she was wearing.
‘It’s not funny!’ T.O.P said but Strawberry ignored him.
‘I’ll be ready for Japanese comeback, so don’t worry! And I want to both thank you and apologize to you, my dear Sparkles! Firstly I thank you for all support you showed me when the accident happened.’ Strawberry bowed to the camera, as much as her position in bed allowed her to. ‘And now you deserve my apology for not being honest with you. 
During few past days you learnt that my real name is Park Ji Young, that I attend Dankook University, and that I’m that secret T.O.P oppa’s girlfriend. We should announce it properly but I really enjoyed my double life. ‘
‘You were like Hannah Montana, just with bigger appetite!’
‘Oppa, stop hiding behind camera!’

T.O.P listened to his sick girlfriend; he grabbed camera in one hand and sat next to her. He shyly waved to camera. ‘Hello Sparkles and VIPs!’
‘Are you wearing a turtle neck? I’ve just noticed it!’ Strawberry weakly punched the male. ‘I hate turtle necks. Even you don’t look sexy in it.’
‘So you say, I usually look sexy?’ T.O.P smirked.
‘Take it off, you’re hurting my eyes in that turtle neck!’ Strawberry grabbed the edge of sweater and exposed her boyfriend’s belly.
‘Yah!’ T.O.P slightly pushed her hands away. Strawberry wasn’t expecting it and wabbled.

‘Are you okay?’
‘I still feel a bit dizzy.’
‘Let’s finish the video.’ 
‘Okay.’ Strawberry said , moving closer to her boyfriend and resting her head on his chest. ‘I apologize you all for hiding my relationship with Seunghyun, and I promise to work even harder!’

‘And eat less?’
‘I haven’t said anything about that!’ She switched off the camera and closed her eyes feeling comfortable in T.O.P’s warm hug.

…:::Week earlier:::…

“Gifts from fans!” Eun Hee unni announced. She brought few boxes into Sunshine Starlight’s apartment. Each of the box had the name of a member written on it.

Strawberry jumped happily to her box; she treasured gifts from fans very much, especially those hand made.

Among various gifts she found a small pink boxed filled with cupcakes, and before anyone could ask her to share one, she had eaten them all.

First night the pain was only slight but next morning Strawberry couldn’t move from her bed. She had terrible stomachache that made her faint.

She was taken to hospital where doctor’s diagnosis surprised everyone: she was poisoned.

It was the leader Kyri who suspected the cupcakes. She come back to their dorm to look for the pink box and found it very quickly – along with the letter from an anti-fan wishing Strawberry dead.

T.O.P was filming Go Show when he got a call that Strawberry is at hospital. He stormed out from the studio first apologizing to viewers and hosts.

He and Sunshine Starlight members visited Strawberry everyday – sometimes nurses had to force them to leave the patient alone.

Fans weren’t stupid and could add 2 to 2 – T.O.P visited his sick girlfriend at hospital; and the sick girl was no other than Strawberry. Media were filled with the scandal – a member of popular girl group Sunshine Starlight being poisoned by anti-fan. The news of Strawberry being in relationship with T.O.P wasn’t that shocking. They were cute couple, and week later when they uploaded to SS official youtube channel a video with apology, fans accepted the couple.


When Strawberry left the hospital with Tabi’s arm around her shoulder, excited fans welcomed them with cheers. The photos of fashionable couple, looking like movie stars, filled Internet later. 
“Kiss, kiss, kiss!” Fans demanded.
Strawberry and T.O.P looked at each other and smiled shyly. With warm, soft kiss they meet requirement of the crowd.
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