- gods and monsters by lana del rey

@sofastudios -- i know i'm no the first to audition for this and you're probably sick of these but i worked so hard on it that i found it hard to connect with another character as much as her

NAME: Eden Matthews
AGE: Sixteen
BIO: The offspring of a travelling gypsy and a money-hungry banker, Eden is a walking contradiction. From the moment her father sent her to St Marianne's, Eden could sense that something was wrong with the school. That something happened here long ago that the spirit of the earth hasn't quite forgotten. With her healing crystals and tarot cards, could Eden hear the voices of the girls to help solve the mystery? And if so, will she be prepared for what they have to tell her?
TOP THREE: Eden Matthews, Jenna Allan, Chastity Ardall
MODEL: Staz Lindes

An old Russian proverb states that many hands make light work, but what about many voices? Can they also be helpful, or are they just the seizure provoking mumbles of lost souls that can send you into your darkest pit and never let you out?
I've had the privilege of experiencing both, the middle-aged English male helped me with my French Literature work and the prepubescent nymphet screamed me to sleep whenever I finally felt like I was at peace, they never leave me alone. Not even when I ask, when I plead, not even when I beg for mercy twice. They are always there, in my head and in the mouths of those around me. I'm never free.
I always knew that there was something different about me, something strange, something that only I could do.
My father was the one that decided to send me to school, he had turned my previously traditional gypsy mother into a scared submissive when they met at a market. That's all I really know about how they met, that and her parents had sent the whole family after him as they were convinced she had gone without her will, but my mother never speaks and she never learned to write so my opinion on the entire matter is missing an awful lot of much needed information. 
He didn't want me to stay like her, he wanted me to have an education and learn how to 'mix' with society like he did. So far, I have one friend..well, more of an acquaintance. You can see how well thought out that plan of his was.
I just can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality anymore, probably because I would give anything to swap them around. Get rid of this torturous mundane life and swap it for the one where I don't have to fake my smiles every day, where I don't have to lie to people when they ask me if I'm okay. 'I'm fine,', that's what I tell them, it's all I ever tell them since the incident. Have you not heard about that yet? When I had a fit in the middle of Algebra and started screaming uncontrollably? Whispering out names of past pupils that no one had heard of for years? No, well, just thank the lucky stars that you weren't there that day. One of the girls was so disturbed by it that she cried for her parents to send her to a different school, and she won. Lucky little fool.
I've had regular trips to the guidance counsellor ever since, Jacobs seems like an intelligent man, but so did Hitler and look how well that turned out.The school keeps pestering me for details about the dreams I have, but not in a caring way, in a concerned way. Almost frightened. Frightened about what I might know, but know about what? The voices hardly make any sense anyway. They're always rushed and one of them sounds like they're choking.
Oh Mother, if they knew even half of the thoughts that went through my head...they wouldn't recover for weeks. Months even for the girls in school, I don't know about the staff. They're hard to predict when it comes to things like this, I don't know if half of them even know my name as I never get asked to answer anything. I just sort of fade into the background like a camouflaged moth. 
Not even Mother Mary can help me now.
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