Sunshine Starlight RP:

Narrator's POV

"Look, look!" T.O.P was jumping like little kid in toy shop.

To be exact he was in toy shop.

Strawberry scratched her back, unsure what to say: her boyfriend was holding the ugliest toy she had ever seen: and she had seen quite a lot of that kind of toys at his apartment.

"What do you think? Should I buy two, and place in on both sides of the front door...?" Sparkles of excitement in Tabi's eyes prevented his girlfriend from saying anything cruel about the toys.
"I guess, it would look nice. " She said.

"You don't like it."

 "Oh, you know I prefer fluffy bunnies; that's just the difference between girls and boys, so don't take it to personally."

"Minzy like those!" He pointed; Strawberry was on the verge of saying 'than date her!' but an argument over toys was stupid, and she knew it.

She wrapped her arms around Tabi's waist from behind and place her chin on his shoulder. 
"There's enough space at your place for both: your Be@rbricks and my fluffy bunnies" she whispered to his ear.

Tabi put the toy back to the shelf and turned to his girlfriend. He stared seriously at her for a moment, checking whether she meant it or just joked.

"Move in." 
"What?" Strawberry wasn't expecting such offer.
"I want your fluffy bunnies at my apartment!" He laughed.
"My bunnies don't leave my dorm without me."
"That's why I want YOU to move in." 

Strawberry with serious expression announced that she would think about it - but deep inside she was jumping from happiness; moving in was a serious step in relationship but she wanted to share every minute with her boyfriend.

The only problem was that the decision to move in couldn't be made entirely by her: there was also Papa YG, and the girls of the band who must agree first.

Tabi put his arm around Strawberry's shoulder and the two of them left the store to go sightseeing Japan that only night when their schedules allowed them to do so; 
it was time for them to enjoy those moments together, not to worry about persuading their boss.


During the showcase Sunshine Starlight made an enormous impression with their modern versions of kimono.

The traditional song they performed moved the hearts of Japanese fans.

Strawberry along with their bandmates presented dance with fans to the song they performed;

after the opening the girls changed into different costumes to perform their hit songs.

I don't think I'll be able to post more for SS this week, so here's short update.
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