Sunshine Starlight [선샤인 별빛] ♥

- - - - -

Blossom pulled her hood over her head and kept her eyes concealed under her thick framed glasses. She sported brown locks today, her natural colour which has been her disguise over recent months whilst she worked hard at the bakery her now best friend Victoria owned. It was hard living two lives at once... Sophia, the master cupcake baker then Blossom, a superstar member of the ever growing ever popular K-pop group Sunshine Starlight.

Yes, at times the schedule would get tedious sometimes and sometimes she's get a good scowling from her boss Victoria AND manager Eun Mi. But it was worth it in the end. She liked being able to switch between two lives. 

She hurried down the early afternoon streets of Seoul towards the pretty pastel bakery ahead, about to whip off her frames and baggy hoodie when she saw an familiar figure. Narrowing her eyes she saw it was GD, panicked and jumped into the nearest bush without thinking. 

"Ouch!" she hissed which made both GD and Victoria who was behind the counter to turn around upon hearing the sudden voice from outside the windows. Blossom kept extremely still until they turned back around and GD got his order and strutted down the streets in his baggy pants and hooded jacket. 

Blossom let out a relieved sigh and mentally noted to give GD a good bashing the next time she sees him, even if he doesn't know why. She had been avoiding him not only because her cover would be blown but also because he had been acting ever so strangely the day they had been locked in together in the closet (her members seemed to have no sympathy much to her dismay). The way he stared into her eyes stared her. His stare was as sharp as daggers and she felt like they could tear through her many minute. It wasn't the sharpness of his stare that stared her most though, but the way he looked at her was different than before... she couldn't put her finger on it, but for some reason she felt like she didn't want to find out. 

"SOPHIA! You're late!" Victoria shouted hitting a whisk onto the palm of her hands whilst her gaze lifted from the yellow tiled floor to the helpless eyes of Blossom. Blossom flinched. She swore she could see roaring flames in her eyes. "It's a good job you are my friend and whip up amazing cupcakes or you'd be fired by!"

"I'm sorry I'm late Vic. Again..." 

"It's okay, just make sure you make some extra nice cupcakes today, okay?" she grinned widely. "That GD guy from Big Bang wants to place a large order tomorrow, apparently we're his favourite bakery in the whole of Seoul!" 

"I'm not surprised, the amount of times he's been visiting. And the amount of times he's been making he have to avoid him..." Blossom mumbled the last part. 

"You think? It's such an honour! This will be great publicity you know! Maybe he will encourage other idols to visit... Omo! Do you think Sunshine Starlight will come?! I heard Strawberry and Blossom are very close to them if you know what I mean." Victoria winks at Blossom unknowingly before turning on her heel to the kitchen.

Blossom who was only half paying attention suddenly stumbled into life. "Wha-a?!" she cried running to caught up with her. "What rumours about Blossom and Big Bang?! Unnie?! Vic?!" 

Blossom was completely out of breath when you stumbled forward to follow Victoria into the kitchen. "R-rumours?!" Blossom repeated. "There are n-no rumours between Blossom and Big Bang... right?"

Victoria leaned her weight on a counter before taking a bite of a cupcake "Of course there are! It's quite a big thing. rumour has it that Blossom and GD are kind of... A thing!" Victoria smirked raising her eyebrows before continuing on "Apparently Blossom has been spotted giving GD boxes and boxes of treats multiple times!"

Blossom hissed under her breath. "Darn his stupid doughnut obsession."

And GD hasn't exactly been sly; you can see the way he looks at her on fan videos and pictures, totally head over heels! Netizens have been going crazy writing already 200 fan fictions on asianfanfics about them since only last week!" 

"W-w-WHAAAT?!" Blossom yelled in outrage, so much so that she was almost panting.

"Oh Sophia, you know you should really get into this whole Idol and K-pop business. It's almost as if you don't know k-pop at all!" Vic said patting her on the back pathetically and hopping out the kitchen.

"Yeah.." Blossom sighed. 

- - - - - - -

I haven't updated in so long. It really takes me a long time to write, and then on top of that make a half decent set! but finally it is here. :3 I hope you liked my pathetic attempt at writing once again! ^^
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