Sunshine Starlight RP:

Narrator's POV

...:::Weekly Idol:::...

" ANNYEONGHASEYO!! WE ARE SUNSHINE STARLIGHT! " Strawberry shouted in unison with other girls. They bowed to cameras.

Strawberry was very excited about being there; she was huge fan of the show.

"Have you ever watched Weekly Idol?"

Before Strawberry could say a word, three other members answered the question. All at the same time.

Being together at variety show was something hard for girls; usually only some went to the show. 

Finally they decided to speak in turns which was great idea.

After dancing part [Strawberry showed her dancing skill, while the leader turned out to be the hole] it was time for 'Re-written Profile', part of show when MCs find out whether facts write in member's profiles were true or not.

Strawberry's eyes sparkled when it was her turn.
"Real name: Park Jiyoung."Hyungdon, one of the MCs, read. "But people call your Strawberry. Is is because of hair colour you used to have?"
"No, it's because I'm sweet, like strawberries! Do you want to try it oppa?" Strawberry stretched her arm, allowing Hyungdon to lick it. The MC stared at her confused. Soon he and the staff burst into laughter.
"Have you ever tasted yourself, so you can tell that you taste like strawberries?"
"Actually, I can. I can lick my elbow." Strawberry proudly presented her skills.
Loud 'wow' was the response; not many people can present such ridiculous skill.
"Why it's not written in your profile?"
Defcon who was other MC quickly wrote on the board, next to her eating special skills 'licking own's elbow'.

"Why there is empty space next to you weight and height?"
"Ah, that's because no one, even our trainer, can't believe that with my eating habits I don't look like big ball."
"So it's better t keep it secret?"
"And your birthday?"
"15th August 1990. I'm summer baby"
"Now we have to confirm your skills. Eating skills." The two MCs handed Strawberry big box of ice cream and left her with it, moving to the next member. Sitting there, Strawberry was happy like a small kid with her box of ice cream. Soon it was completely emptied, to surprise of MCs.
"How a tiny person like you can empty such a big box?"
"It's magic, I guess."

After show Strawberry tried to call Tabi few times but due to his busy schedule he was unable to pick it up.

The girl sighed; she missed him very much but obviously his schedule was now fully packed. 

She was sitting in YG building, waiting for YG Papa to appear. He had called her earlier, wanting to tell her something.

"Come in." Finally he called her to his office.
"JiYoung - " he said in his funny voice; voice that doesn't sound funny in his office. "Compared to some girls, you don't have much schedule; you're not recognized by public well, and I'm sure you can do perfectly during variety shows."
Strawberry nodded, carefully listening to his speech.
"You'll join We Got Married."
"With Seunghyun?" She asked even though the positive answer was obvious to her.
"Jiyoung, do you really think WGM wants company's couples? Your husband is trainee from JYP."

Being in WGM with someone else then her boyfriend? It sounded like disaster!
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