-Dorm sleepover at Cassie's, and for once you misfits are invited. But when the lights dim low and silence takes over, that ticking noise sounds louder than gunshots, and it's terrifying everyone.-
You know when women say in that hideously patronising way: "Girls will be girls, eh?" Well now i understand what they mean.

I can only blame myself. I shouldn't have accepted the invitation. But when Cassie asked us all round to her dorm sleepover i had expected to do some serious investigation with the others about that ticking. Perhaps Eden could've had a seance? Or Cassie could've gave us some more information perhaps?

But no. It's been half an hour and all they've done is natter on about boys and personal hygeine. Disgusting. Natuarally I retreated to a corner to stuff my face with Doritos and stare furiously at a wall.

I could hear the ticking noise, despite the fact that everyone seemed to be blissfully ignoring it. In fact, i had insisted on turning Cassie's entire dorm on its head in order to find the source. No such luck.

I groaned, shoving a whole handfull of Doritos in my mouth at once. It wass , i supposed, pretty relaxing just pigging out on this free food. It's a firm belief of mine that food and solitude equate to happiness, and i was quite content just sitting here. Alone. Undisturbed.


Is it wrong that i completely saw that one coming? I groaned and turned to the source of the noise. "What?" I demanded.

Tilly just grinned and shoved a pink plastic bag in my face. "Gummy eel?" she offered.

"No. Thank you," i added gruffly, pushing the bag away. "Haven't you got some trivial gossip to share with the others?"

She shrugged. "Well yeah. But you looked lonely."

"I'm not lonely. I'm never lonely. I enjoy being alone."

She cocked her head slightly to the side like a confused puppy. "I can tell you're lonely from the fact that you used 'lonely' and 'alone' 3 times in one bit of speech."

"So did you just now," I pointed out. 

"Yeah well...Gummy worm?"

"I just told you 'no'."

"Oh. I thought you might've changed your mind."

I gave her an odd look. "In that short space off time? We're not all you."
She shrugged happily. "How come you're alone?"

"Well I'm not any more now, am I?" I hissed. Why could this girl not just take the hint? "I came here thinking we could do something useful. Like maybe a group discussion or a seance."

"What's a seance?"

"Like a ritual to summon the dead."

"Oh. Is that why Chastity's here?"

I looked from Tilly to Chastity and back again. "Chastity? She's a bit religious for spirit summoning don't you think?"

She shrugged. "It's all the same, isn't it?"

"What is?"

She rolled her eyes and made some wild gesticulations, trying to think of the appropriate words. "Welll... Why would you believe in God and Creation but not ghosts? Surely it's the same kind of bizzare?"

I just fixed her with a level stare. "I don't think you can compare religion with spirit-summoning mumbo-jumbo."

"Mumbo-jumbo? If you don't believe in ghosts then why do you want a seance so badly?"

I shrugged. "I don't know i just..." I trailed off uncomfortablly and scratched the back of my neck. 

"Then why are you here?"

I turned. It hadn't been Tilly who had asked that. I hadn't been aware someone had been listening to our conversation, and i could only pray that it hadn't been Chastity.

"I said why are you here tehn? If you don't believe this will help?"

Cassie. She was staring at me with not so much surprise as curiousity, mixed in with a little betrayal. 

"I..." I shrugged helplessly. "I'm not sure. I just thought maybe this could help us. But I'm starting to think I might have been wrong."

I could feel every eye in the room focusing on us. God i hated public confrontation. Unless of course it involved my precious virtual AK and tons of CGI blood. Yet there was (perhaps fortunately) none of that here. Just Cassie Fisher staring me dead in the eye.

"Guys..." Jenna began, but Cassie shushed her.

"No, listen," she said cooly. "if there is anyone in this room who is too freaking skeptical about the fate of my life, then feel free to leave. Leave," she repeated, this time harsher. "Because even if you can't see it, i can. I'm next."

The silence between her words was crushing.

 Her voicee was quivering ever so slightly as she repeated the words: "I'm next. I AM NEXT."

The next few seconds hit me like a heart attack.

Throughout the evening that ticking noise had been consistant. Quiet, slow, but ever-present. Barely noticable.

But now, with Cassie's words, the ticking noise boomed. It cracked like a gunshot. It kept on going.

Eden screamed and staggered back, clutching her head tightly. "Oh god..." she muttered. "Oh god of god oh god...."

It was coming from the wall.

The girls were staggering back from the wall, with Jenna and Tilly supporting Eden. Every nerve in my body screamed RUN.

But Cassie was walking towards the wall.

"STOP!" Sara screamed, reaching out, but Cassie had grabbed a hockey stick from the corner.

What the hell was she doing?

She raised thestick and hammered it into the wall. Eden's screams grew louder, along with the ticking. Cassie was hammering at her dorm room wall, tearing away the plaster to its very foundations.

And then it stopped.

Eden's screams instantly subsided into a whimper, and the only sound left was Cassie's panting. The girls crowded around her, staring at the mess in the wall.

We had all, i think, expected to see nothing in that wall but crumbling plaster. I think it's pretty safe to say that none of us expected what we saw.

None of us expected the corpse of a girl, her face contorted in terror as she clutched onto an ornated clock for dear life, concealed between the foundations of Cassie's wall.
Sorry if it sucks and i butchered your characters :(
Hope you enjoyed it though :D
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