"ELI!WAIT!"I heard Stefan yelling behind me.
"What do you want?"I asked.
"Please forgive me."he pleased.
"Why should I?"
"Cause you love me and I love you."
"Then why did you made out with Miraslut?"
"I through that that was you!It was really dark."
"I don't think that she's as good kisser as I am."
"I'm not sure.Let me find out."And he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.There wasn't noone who would kiss better than him.
"Please forgive me."He whispered into my hear.I shaked a little and he gave me his jacket.
"No, don't..."He cut me off.
"Shh,..."He put his jacket on my shoulders.
"Well, fine."And I put my head on his shoulder."This is the last time.And am I better kisser than Miraslut?"
"Sure thing."And I smiled.I took a pic of us.He was kissing me on my cheeck.
"Take that Miraslut."I mumbled and texted her the pic and it said:Well, well, who won?Me, of course.Take that, Miraslut.Don't you ever try to steal LPA's queen's boyfriend.I don't think he'll hook up with you.

Hate ya, biitch.
xoxo, Eli, LPA's queen, better kisser than you & the only girl who Stefan will ever love.

"Let's go!"I said and we walked around.
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