Even if you didn't do the first event, here's the second:

SECOND EVENT: (You have a choice on what to write about but these are the goings on)

-Dorm sleepover at Cassie's, and for once you misfits are invited. But when the lights dim low and silence takes over, that ticking noise sounds louder than gunshots, and it's terrifying everyone.

-French aural exam. Students are lined up on isolated desks in the exam hall with headsets to listen to their French through. However, when the tape is played, a hideous scream comes from every headphone instead. A horrible, endless scream.

-Blowing in the winds around the old cloisters is a second page of a diary, dated the day after the last piece. We are by now certain it belongs to Cecelia, the first suicide. 
It reads...

"Dear Diary,
I can't help but be a little suspicious. He's awfully distant when we speak - and trust me that isn't often. I'm concerned, as I have every right to be. You can't blame me for suspecting.... unfaithfullness, as it were.
On another note, some girls have been tittering about our headmaster, things like 'I hope the war killed him' (he served in both wars you know?) Anyway, he got awfully cross and just shouted and shouted. His face went all red and horrible, and I could've sworn he was on the verge of murder. They got cained, of course.


Chastity: @katelle
Tilly (Wires): @lilyracheled
Lobelia: @clareisnotarobot
Maxine: @soccerismylyphe
Cassie: @rainbowpanda0
Eden: @staceyisahurricane
Jenna: @down-but-not-out
Marie: @v0ids
}: @silk-socks
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