the st. marks, royalty of norway.

`you can't fix something that was broken to begin with.`
Family Name;; St. Mark
Royalty or Not;; Royalty darling.
If so over with country: Norway ( a.k.a: Norge )
Family Members: I3( including Océane and Lisbeth )
Family Looks:
Family Castle;;
Family pets;;
( + ) the norwegian family is somewhat complicated. they are known throughout the world as one of the most liberal royals in the world, and are supporters of the rights of same - sex marriage, and equality for women, and equality for all religions. in contrast, they happen to be one of the most orthodox when it comes to practicing their religion, boyfriends, and body piercings / tattoos. all of the members of the norwegian royalty are practicing members of the church of norway, and although aren't fundamentalists, they take the bible seriously. queen astrid also does not want any of her kids to have strange piercings or tattoos, although some of her children get them anyways. the king and queen permit the children having boyfriends and girlfriends, as long as they don't lose their virginity to a boyfriend.
( + ) duchess océane and duchess lisbeth are mother and daughter. océane's late husband, haakon, died of cancer last year. haakon was olav's younger brother and was second in line for the throne before victoria was born. océane is the only one who doesn't follow the traditional church of norway faith, but instead follows (err ... followed.} roman catholicism. she no longer follows the religion and is a agnostic. océane is a wild partier, and when the partying got out of line, olav got her and her only daughter to move here.
( + ) although this country is small , and not well known , it is very wealthy in terms of safety , living standards , education , literacy , etc. it has vast oil reserves in the north sea.
( + ) the st. marks have been the rulers of norway since its separation from denmark. the st. marks have been royalty for a quite a long time, even when denmark and norway were a union, the st. marks were apart of the royal family.
( + ) Many diseases have plagued the royal family, including aplastic anemia, congenital heart defects, and lung cancer. Autumn has suffered from a congenital heart defect, but after 2 surgeries, it was fixed. Alex, Astrid, and Courtney have all suffered aplastic anemia as young children, but all of them have been cured. King Lars, and Duke Haakon both died from lung cancer which remains the biggest threat to the royals.
( + ) Time for some secrets. Astrid and Océane have been bitter enemies since Haakon died. Why? Because Océane has been trying to court Olav ever since her husband died. Astrid caught Océane attempting to kiss Olav, and that's when the hate began. Everybody in the royal family knows that they are enemies, but nobody says anything. Lisbeth had a pregnancy scare last year after having a one night stand, only Victoria knows about that. Somebody in the royal family circle was planning to murder Lars, but he died before he had the chance. Olav's PA, Lisbet and Konrad had a 'friends with benefits' relationship which broke off a year ago, but Lisbet is trying to seduce Konrad, like how Océane is trying to seduce Olav. Océane accidentally killed someone by pushing the person down the stairs, that's the real reason why Océane, and Lisbeth moved here. Elin was seeing a much younger man while living in the fishing village.

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