St. Tarbula's Home for Unusual Girls {STH}

On a solitary cliff in the country side of southern England stands the foggy grounds that hold St Tarbula's Home for Unusual Girls.
Once an old manor, the house was abandoned during the First World War before falling into the hands of our holy mother church and, eventually, becoming home, hospital, prison, safe haven or all of the above to its current inhabitants.
Screams in the night are commonplace at St Tarbula's as are feuds, tantrums and tears. All residents are housed for the ‘Three R's’ - reformation, reprogramming and recovery. Some are at St. Tarbula’s for psychological disorders whilst others appear to have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, distinguishing between the two however is easier said than done. Sometimes a smile is simply that but occasionally it can hide a more sinister machination.
St Tarbula's withholds a strict regime of non contact with the 'distractions' of the outside world, though the girls have their ways and means of bending this rule on occasion, in fact, it has become something of a game to see how often they can sneak out without catching the attention of the Sisters and Chaperones of the house.
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Wrote one year ago
@dickturpin @erin2345 audition sets can be submitted to the group page, the link is on the logo set on my profile. I'm still putting together some of the finer details, locations, inhabitants etc but a couple of people have created sets with just a skeleton of the audition info :)

Wrote one year ago
yeah, where can we audition?

Wrote one year ago
Sorry to be a pain, but where do I audition?

Wrote one year ago
@antephialtic @obliviation @dickturpin @aylixxmalik @erin2345 @ereuthrophobia @summerinwond3rlandxo come audition! If there's enough interest I'll select some more models!

Wrote one year ago
This is my first role-play, but it seems like a fairly simple yet interesting concept, I would love to audition.

Wrote one year ago
this is really interesting :o

Wrote one year ago
wow, this seems pretty creative. i'm interested. c:

Wrote one year ago
I know I am a stranger, but I saw this and would definitely be interested!

Wrote one year ago
this look so interesting! totally interested.

Wrote one year ago
Yes, ohmahgerd this is so cool defintily interested! c:

Wrote one year ago
I'd be interested :)

Wrote one year ago
@ducktape @vampirkaninchen you know you want to...;)

Wrote one year ago
NOOOooooo! I mean YES, always interested, but I have so many RPs and no time at all but I already know I will join this. :D ;)

Wrote one year ago
Ugh, I miss rps like this a lot.

Wrote one year ago
@fleetingfanfan Hello my dear, I do hope you have been well, I shall certainly keep you posted! :)

Wrote one year ago
Always interested! :3


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