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  • Ebags Etech 2.0 Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel
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    Ebags Etech 2.0 Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel
    eTech 2.0 Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel. U-shaped double zip opening for easy loading. Opening measures approximately 11.5 x 14. Zippered mesh pocket under the front panel measures 11 x 14. Fold-up wire-framed wings apply support to the feet section, allowing the duffel to stand upright even when fully loaded, as well as adding definition to the upper section. Fold the wings down when storage space is an issue. Two interior tie-tapes have extra webbing length for easier adjustments. Upper compartment measures 4 deep. Forehead pocket provides easy access to a large volume pocket. Perfect for your 3-1-1 liquids bag at Security. The lining floats, allowing you to choose how much of the pocket to use. A built-in ID pocket can be accessed from inside the upper compartment theres no chance of losing a luggage tag in travel. Classic duffel handle is secured to the front panel theres even enough room to grab with gloves on. Lower compartment measures 20 x 14 x 4.5 and has the strongfollowing features:strong. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Padded perimeter walls that allow oddly shaped items some flexibility when packing. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;One moveable shelf that allows you to pack as if it were a bookcase - preventing everything from schlumping toward the wheels.
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