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1. What's your favourite tv channel?
I like movie central, thats where i watch most of my movies. 
2. Favourite designer?
I love Elie Saab and Valentino. :)
3. If you were a celeb, would you ever wear a suit on the red carpet? 
Of course! Why not?
4. If you could attend any movie premier (past or present) which one would it be?
I would have love to attend the movie premier of Divergent! :)
5. What's the best bargain you ever got?
I dont know if i have one.
6. Ever had a fashion faux pas? 
No, i dont think so.
7. What color of nail polish are you wearing if any?
I'm wearing Mint Candy Apple by Essie.
8. Your favourite sweet?
I love chocolate and cheese cakes! Yummm
9. You favourite holiday destination and why?
3 years ago i went to Disney World and Florida was amazing!! The weather was hot, but i had such a great time there!
10. Do you own a pair of Louboutins?
No yet! I would love to own a pair of Louboutins in the future! 
11. How did you discover polyvore?
I don't really remember how i discovered polyvore but it could have from tumblr or pinterest.

My Questions: 
1) If you could paint your paint one color for the rest of your life, would color would it be?
2) Water or Soda?
3) Would you shave your head?
4) What are your plans next year?
5) Do you prefer jeans or dresses?
6) What time is it now from where you life?
7) What was the highlight of your summer?
8) What was your proudest memory?
9) Roses or Daisies?
10) Water or Land?
11) If you could undo one event in your life, what would it be?

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