"You and Spencer are having a guys night?" Leia asked laughing a little. I really didn't see why this was funny at all. Sure Spencer and I rarely but it wasn't like we have never talked. Plus right now he was the only guy i could stand around here.

"Sure , why not? your ditching me for my sister and my cousin." I said with a shrug.

"You might as well invitie Caleb so it would be even then." She said in a sing song voice.

"Caleb is to whiney to go to a guys night." Eva said from the couch. Leia turned to glare at her

 "Firstly it's true and you know. Secondly Maxie and Spence were the ones who didn't invite him." She said innocently. Oh well played sister make me look the bad guy.

"And we wouldn't be having a guys night if some body didn't need a girls night." I said over dramatically looking innocently over at my sister who rolled her eyes.

"Max , Eva needs her girls right now after what that basshole did." Leia said her eyes narrowing slightly. Angry Leia isn't a fun Leia.

"No she should have listened to me at the start and never dated. Ollie or anybody for that matter." I said pointedly. 

"Max stop being an idiot." Leia said with a huff. "When do you think Summer is going to get here?"

"And i am going to go now before my house gets ruined with chick flicks and terrible pop music." I said pulling my phone out of my pocket.

"Max wait." Leia said wrapping her arm around me.

"No girls." She said strictly her eyes narrowing. "If you cheat on.."

"Yeah i know the deal." I said rolling my eyes. She does this every time even though i had no intention off cheating on her.

 "But your going with Spencer and he is a big man sIut." 

"I thought he was your favourite cousin?" I said dumbly. 

"He is but he can be a bad influence."

+more soon , after dinner.
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