Stand out with "Fala" clothing! $100 PRIZES!

Stand out with "Fala" clothing! $100 PRIZES!

Requirements are as follows:

1) Follow Fala on Polyvore
2) Tag @falaurbanchic and put #Fala in the set description
3) Use at least ONE of the items from in the set
4) Only new sets
5) Unlimited entries per member
6) Duration: 2 weeks only! Hurry up!

You will find the store logo as a featured item below.

Prizes: At least 3 $100 Fala gift cards for the winners (depending on the number of contestants)!

Created by an1ta. Created in ⬤ WIN $100 CASH, TOTWOO SMART JEWELRY OR SILVER NECKLACE ⬤ MAGAZINE LOOK ⬤ REAL PRIZES ⬤. 194 sets from 102 members. Ended one year ago.