And tell me that all we had were lies
Show me that to you it don't count
And I'll stand here if you prefer
Yes I'll leave you without a word
Without a word
Without a Word // Birdy
I think I'm going through a Birdy phase... lol c:
aaah she's amazing!! I've been listening to her a lot lately, she's just awesome haha c:

I've just come back from Lake Tires!! woo :D
lol, for those who don't know where Lake Tires is, it's in rural Victoria. I didn't go to a lake though... I went to the beach... hahaha c:
Actually two beaches, one in Lakes Entrance - which also happens to be in rural Victoria, lol. :3

So on Sunday we (my brother, mum and I) took the train to a town near Lake Tires. Then my mum's friend drove us to their beach house. It was so cute ^.^ it was like a proper beach house, raised off the ground, balcony, weatherboard and all. Kind've like my house, actually... lolol :3
yep we got there at night, and we watched Bridge to Terabithia :D
aww Josh Hutcherson was soo cute ♥♥
Well, like not that he totally isn't now... ;)

The next day we went to the beach. The beach house was liturally 2 minutes away from the ocean. Omg it was beautiful! And there was like no one there. I didn't swim though, because I didn't have my bathers T_T but my crazy brother went in the water and got himself soaked. lolol he's spastic c:
I went for a long walk along the beach and got tons of shells. They were so pretty O.O 
Yeah and when we got home I spent 4 hours reading Catching Fire, and finished it. OMG FINNICK!! ♥♥♥♥
okay, someone really hot better play him in the next movie haha c:

The next day we watched Valentines Day. Aw that was a cute movie lol :D
And then we went to Lakes Entrance and went to the beach there! Too bad I didn't have my bathers :'(
I went for another really long walk. ugh my mum was so annoying though because she made me put on enough sunscreen to make me look like a vampire. all pasty white. I was like 'mum whyyyyyyy!'

Anyways after that we went to the boat hires place thingy. Idk what to call it ahaha c:
Me and my friend went on the pedal boat, with me steering. omg it was so fun! We only had half an hour though :'( 
We passed by the bridge a lot and said hi to the people walking along it. hahah :D
Then we went kyaking. Eee kyaking is so fun!!! :D It was my friends first time though. She'd been canoeing, but not kyaking. We had lots of fun, yup :D
But when I got out, my pants were all wet! o_o
When I stood up, it looked like I had wet my pants o_o
ugh it was so embarassing. Luckily, I had spare undies, because I was planning to use them to go swimming, but I forgot to bring an extra bra... lol, lucky I guess c:
I didn't have spare shorts though. waah T_T
I had to wear my brother's friend's shorts... o_o
oh god it was awkward. 
It was even weirder because it didn't go with my top... ha.
Then we went into town, and got some icecream! I had boysenberry. yummy :D
People were giving me looks though, lolol. Aaah why didn't I bring spare shorts?? o_o
Yeah and then we just went into different shops. And then we drove back, and my mum's friend did my nails, lol c:

And today I came home! 
woooah I wrote a lot! If you read all the way up to here, omg you're awesome haha c:
Now I might go start reading Mockingjay. aaaaah I'm so excited to find out what happens to Katniss :D
k bye guisee :D
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