Just a quick set before I go do the dishes and go sleep ^^

I'm excited for winter because I want to wear my little woolen hat thing I found in my brother's room and my anorak parka! YAAAAY

but I'm sad too because my Uggs got completely ruined (the front part has completely turned this nasty, greenish-gray color because of mud) when I went to morning marching practice :( 

stupid grass, why u no be dry. :(

Then again, it seems a little silly to buy a $200 pair of shoes that I'm only going to wear when I'm lazy and cold. I have Christmas presents to buy! 

Yay, it's Christmas time again. We've started practicing Christmas music in band and I love it so much. I love concert season a lot in general because I really like playing my clarinet. ^^ Although I do love guard too. But I'm not afraid of breaking my face when I'm playing my clarinet :D

I realized I talk about band too much. D; I'm such a band nerd, I know. My life consists of band, band, and band. (Literally, I even have to give clarinet lessons to itty-bitty middle schoolers :D I'M GONNA PUT STICKERS ON THEIR FACES AND EVERYTHING)

Ooh, it'd be so cool if we had a sort-of Secret Santa thing on Poly. Like making a set and a story maybe. Or like a video.

Lolol it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already thinking about Christmas. sigh. 

I'm gonna buy presents during Black Friday. I'm too cheap. xD

ooh I just realized, I gotta save money for Black Friday. Except I really don't remember seeing that great of sales on Black Friday last year. Especially not at stinkin Dillards who had that Michael Kors bag that was ridiculously full-priced. :c 

okay, I ramble too much. I'm telling you, I should be a radio show host. xD

And then attractive little male idols can come visit me and we can have a beautiful time together...^^

(OMG I forgot to mention that we watched Life Is Beautiful in class today and it was so sad :( it was my second time watching it and I still teared up a little)
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Wrote 4 years ago
Wow. That WOULD be cool to do some kind of secret Santa thing on Poly. I wouldn't know how to do it though. Pretty set by the way!~



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