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Our Luhan's birthday is on the 20th so i'm early again! But I felt like doing a Luhan set, and i'm not sure to make one on his birthday, so here I go!
Still can't believe he's one of the oldest in EXO seriously... Looks so young!

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Okay, uninteresting side story.
Tonight I had a weird dream, and I want to share it with you, so you can maybe give me an explanation on the meaning of this dream.
I dreamt I was at the airport, but I don't know where I was heading to. And suddenly I transformed into a boy (?), and I actually became Kai from Exo (??). When I realised that, i somewhat panicked and tried to run away from the place. But Jong Hyun from SHINee started to chase me (???) because he thought I wanted to steal his luggage which contained cats (????). I managed to escape by climbing stairs that went up into the sky (?????). End of my dream.

If any of you have a degree in psychology, please explain to me, because I have several questions.
Why did I transform into someone else? Am I a shifter? 
And why Kai? Am I actually him, and I don't know it??
Why Jong Hyun kept cats in this luggage? 
And where did those stairs lead to? 

My conclusion number 1 is:
I have a double life, but I'm not aware of it. At night, I climb stairs that touch the sky in France, and went I go down the stairs, i'm in Korea, and while i'm on the stairs I become Kai. And apparently I don't have a very good relationship with Jong Hyun, I must have try to steal his cats in the past, and that's why he keeps them in a bag, even at the airport.

My conclusion number 2 is:
I'm crazy. 
(but 1 seems more legit)

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