constructive critisism (of the story... thing) is welcome- but give me a shit sandwich please! i am sensitive! oh and i did write this in literally twenty minutes, i cba 

star is petite and pretty in a curly-haired, dimpled kind of way. she smells like cotton candy, and has never been seen wearing jeans. instead she wears experimental dresses or plain, teastained girlsmocks depending on her mood. her knuckles glitter and she loves pearl drop earrings. when she is bright, she paints her lips like a butterfly and babbles, for lack of a better word, to everyone, even animals. she is curiously sexless, and at sixteen has never taken a special fancy to anyone. what she loves more than anything is what is not real. i wonder if she truly believes in faerietales. some say it's the crack, but her childhood bestie cassie reckons she ca'n't remember her being different. star is like an emotional yoyo. one minute, she loves everything, and the next, she is mute and she is more childlike than ever. on the rare occasion that she makes it to school like this, she hunches at her desk with her head in her hands and won't do any work, apart from english when she tries really hard, but the essay paper is soggy with teardrops. stars has no aspirations, but she gets a's in everything despite her depressions. she lives in a sweetshop, so she'll probably help out there. cassie is smitten, everyone can tell but star. it's sad. 
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