Do you know what it feels like to ruin someone's life? To have to people tell you that you did the right thing, but inside you know you didn't? To have the person who cares the most about you just treat you like dirt? To be hated by people for no reason? To start crying in a crowd of people while your friends sit there and watch the tears stream down your face? To be talking to someone and your throat just locks up and you start crying? To have your heart ripped out? To go on a walk to clear your head but it just leaves you sobbing on the side of the road? To have the rain pour down on you, but you don't care anymore? To duck your head when people walk past you? To not be able to look people in the eyes? To be questioned what the hell is wrong with you? To feel worthless? To say to your friends that you're fine over and over and over while you're crying?

Because I have. And all of that happened today.
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