hi! so, starbucks drinks are expensive ): so why not make one on your own!

what you'll need(:

- one half cup of shredded coconut

- 3/4 a cup of double strength coffee (optional, i don't like it with it so.. yeah)

- 1 cup low fat milk

- 1/3 cup chocolate syrup ( any kind, hersheys, bosco, whatever you have/want (:)

- 2 cups ice

-whipped cream ( for a treat, chocolate whipped cream(: ♥)

- 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar(:

what to do(: ♥

preheat the oven to 300 degrees. spread the coconut sheddings you had on a long cookie sheet. put in the oven ( this is just for topping ). stir the coconut around every 10 minutes(: . it will probably take you 30 minutes to get the coconut a nice pretty brown ♥.

now for the coffee, (again optional(:). its simple, double the coffee dripper, meaning, double the amount of coffee by two teaspoons you would have in each cup that you want to make (: ♥. so now, just chill the coffee in the fridge for awhile.

now for the good and easy part! pour every ingredient except for whipped cream, and ice and blend it. blend for about 20 seconds to blend everything up and to make sure the sugar is desolved(:.

next, add the ice and blend until the ice is crushed(:. pour it into a glass, top it with whipped cream and more syrup if you want and add a bit more toasted coconut shavings to the top(: .

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