so.. i kind of hated the set i made initially. so i remade the sanctuary selection two preview set for you guys. this is also a reminder to those who have yet to submit their entry. those who are busy/ cannot make it for this selection, i shall forgive you. :3 sorry for being annoying with the tags babes. do hope to see more entries so i can choose more winners. 

(i shall copy and paste the guidelines for the selection two from my original set..)
I present to you the Sanctuary Selection Two. This round is the beginning of a series. Meaning? The next few Selections will centre around this character. You are allowed to decide your own biography for the model/character. You only need to use the name I have assigned to our model/character and of course use the chosen model. e.g picture of Skye Stracke
***You can make a doll set or an outfit set but you must dress the character according to the category you are in.
Model/ character: Skye Stracke/ Anette Welch
Bio: *You decide*
ONLY STORIES can be entered for this selection and PLEASE DO INCLUDE A BIOGRAPHY. Because I will be using the winner's bio/ story for the next few Selections. Our next few Selections will be a continuation from the winner's story. Excited yet?
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♥♥♥ Message me if in doubt.
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