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winner of the selection 3 contest was @maisonhayes she did a really good job, so go read it! the runner ups were @paigeisaballerina (i loved her ending in particular )and @agirlcalledpangie (she never disappoints) for their fantastic stories, @rainbowpanda0 for her perfect doll. all these and more here:

Sanctuary selection four will comprise of 2 categories;

1. You may choose to continue the Anette Welch series by creating a set based on the characters (feel free to include new characters) and CONTINUE the story from where the winner left off.

2. those who are not feeling up to it may choose to create a set without a story. *UNRELATED TO THE ANETTE WELCH SERIES* as i can understand some of you may not feel like writing a story of any sort at the moment.
*You are required to include the model/character i have chosen and the basic bio i have provided.* As you can see from my preview set, i have featured Daphne. you may create an outfit or doll set. And it must reflect the category you are in e.g The Luxurious Vintage Dolls. You do not need to write a story, i repeat. just base your set on what i have provided below. So just create your set, tag me and enter the contest.

model/ character: Daphne Groeneveld/ Layla Lovelock

bio: Present day, 20 year old who looks like a goddess and comes from an extremely wealthy family. She does whatever pleases her and never hesitates. All the girls just want to be her.

Do not forget to enter the sets into the contest!

love you all ♥ msg me for any queries.
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