Bellatrix had gotten used to the cleaning drill, so used to it... that she was becoming more skilled and agile. She was working on the stage cleaning up after a show and she had accidentally snagged a wire of the lights on her shoe. so when she tried to walk off stage, the light came crashing down off the ceiling.
Bellatrix is prone to accidents, she has always been so clumsy. But this time she quickly caught the ceiling light before it hit the ground. it was weird though, it was like she had super strength. Carefully she set the light on the stage floor and pulled a ladder over to fix it and place it back on the ceiling; where it had been before it had fallen. 


Beetleguise (haha dont say his name) had a line of girls watching him do 'his thing' it was an unusually long line though. mustve been a weekend or something. he had never seen this many girls in one place except for when he still went to school.
to please the ladies he literally ripped his shirt off, they all hollered and fan-girl-screamed. He was going to do something new this time. He blanced on his head and then put his pinkie. He kept switching from his head, then pinkie. He did it perfectly too.
He then did a couple of flips and other fancy tricks.
The girls were throwing 100 dollar bills at him... they must have been rich. He hit the jackpot this time.

(Sorry if this is too late, my computer is so FREAKING slow today. not even kidding, it took so long to type this)
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